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CHAPTER 5.9: Yin and yang

***********CONTENT WARNING, This chapter contains scenes of a violent nature which some readers may find upsetting************

There is a theory, as old as time which says when something good in the world happens something bad must also occur to counter balance its effect. 

While all matters were soaring as far as Kaya was concerned a close counterpart of hers was not faring so well...
Marcia looked at herself in the mirror but it wasn't an admiring gaze nor a vain preen it was a look that belied her true nature, a look that said "I am broken".

For as long as she could remember she had always had to fight to win what she wanted. 
As a child she had to scuffle with her brothers to get the scraps of food that their lay-about father had bothered to provide.
She had been forced to quit school to take a job as a waitress just to put clothes on her back and when her boss had started to make advances towards her she had fought him off, taken what little she had and ran all the way to Bridgeport. 

Back then she had been a fresh faced country girl by the name of Aleesha Mae but a new town meant a new name and erasing everything about her impoverished upbringing. 

From that day she became Marcia Marsay and she resolved that nothing would ever stand in the way of her getting what she wanted.  And what Marcia had wanted most of all was to be on television.

She pursued this goal with single minded determination, but that is not to say that it was easy to achieve, heck no!  She had to endure her fair share of casting couches and leering directors who expected certain favours in return for the roles on offer. 

But Marcia was a fighter and true to her word she made her dream come true and from the moment she landed her job on Morning Coffee she knew that she had made it and she would never have to run away again.
"So how did you get stuck with a jerk like Robson?" a little voice deep inside asked her.

Marcia wasn't stupid, not by any means, she might not have a college diploma but she had street smarts in buckets she knew what Robson was, a user and an abuser, just like her Dad. 

At first she had been attracted to his star status and his wealth, then when Anais had left him she had seen her opportunity, becoming Robson's wife would make her one half of the ultimate power couple she could write her own ticket from there. 

But Robson didn't want a wife, he just wanted a replacement for Anais, someone else that he could break down and bend to his will.  At first she had rejected the claims Anais made, Robson had never laid a finger on her, he was too clever for that.
First he wanted to grind her down, take away her self confidence. 

It was small things at first, the odd mean comment about her hair or her weight, soon nothing she did was good enough and she began to believe that she was worthless.

Marcia heard the jangle of keys in the lock and snapped to reality, Robson was home and the bed wasn't made.  She hastily rushed to straighten the quilt before he burst into the bedroom.

She remembered the first time he had struck her, it came out of nowhere.
One minute they were laughing and enjoying a night in front of the television, the next her lip was bleeding and she was cowering on the floor begging him to stop through her tears. 

She had no idea what made him snap and if pressed he would not reveal it, all he could say was that he was sorry. 

It was the suddenness of it which caught her out, how could you go from sublime love to reviled hate in a matter of minutes?  It did not equate and she could not summon her heart to harden to him, she forgave him and chalked it up to a mistake.  A one-off.

But it was anything but a one-off.  Marcia had endured his bullying and abuse for so long now that she had forgotten what a normal relationship felt like, she had accepted her lot.

Marcia walked over to Robson on eggshells, as was her way as she never could tell what kind of mood he was going to be in.

"Hey baby."  She ventured carefully, "How was your day?"

"God awful!"  He spat, revealing his whisky stained breath in the process.  The drinking was a new pastime he had discovered since his big comeback prime time show had been cancelled after just one season. 

When the press report of his abuse of Anais had been published his manager had advised him to "Lie low until it blows over" and he had done so patiently biding his time when he would strike back and re-enter the hearts of his fans, absolved of his sins.  But now his second chance had come and gone along with his sense of purpose leaving Robson an empty shell.

"Get changed."  He grunted, an order not a request, to which Marcia jumped.

She recognised the look on his face and the tone in his voice and knew that it was better to just agree to whatever he wanted, anything to avoid another fight.

"You want me to rub your shoulders baby?"  She asked softly.

Robson nodded his head dismissively, inferring that he did but that she'd better do it right.

Marcia kneaded away at the knots in his back trying to dispel the tension and remove the strain, heck if she could mend his broken career she would do it in a heartbeat, anything to get him out of the house and give him something other than her to focus on. But she knew that her pull in this town was worth exactly squat.

Robson had dragged her down along with him and she was days from getting replaced on the show, she could feel it.

"Did you talk to Roger today?"  She asked, God please let his agent have found him something, she begged silently.

"God damn it Marcia!  Why d'you always have to get on my case!"  He exploded.

Shrugging her hands away sharply he paced away from her angrily.

"Do you think that I'm not out there trying?"  He demanded.

"No, I......."

"It's alright for you isn't it huh?  Sitting pretty up in your studio.  You think you're such hot stuff dontcha?"  He taunted, "Well you're nothing sweetheart and just in case you forgot that, let me remind you."

Robson approached her the red haze showing clearly in his eyes and she recoiled allowing her body to go limp as he raised his hand to her.

Kaya had received the call that morning summoning her to the studios of Morning Coffee.
This was it they had finally decided on Marcia's replacement and she had a feeling it was good news.

"Lex!  Can you watch Morgan for me?"  She hollered.

"Jeez you don't gotta yell I'm right here."  Lexie complained ringing out her ears, "I can't today i told you I'm training with the guys."

"Aw Lex come on, it's just for a couple of hours?"  Kaya pleaded.

"No way i gotta train if i want to get bumped up off traffic duty any time soon, besides don't you think it's about time you got a real child minder?"

"Come on you know how much they charge, I'm not exactly on the big bucks just yet."  Kaya whined giving her sister her best puppy dog stare.

"Oh no, don't try that hang dog look on me."  Lexie challenged, "It only works on boys like Jackson."  She teased saying his name in a sing song way.

"Shut up."  Kaya muttered as Lexie walked out of the door.

"See ya!"  Lexie called, laughing to herself.

"Well i guess Leesa from makeup might watch you for me."  Kaya said to Morgan who grinned a gap toothed smile back at her.

An hour and a half later and Kaya walked out of the production office smiling as she was now the host of Morning Coffee, Bridgeport's number one rated breakfast show.

"Oh my God!  Leesa what on Earth?"  She demanded.

"I swear i couldn't stop her Kaya, i think she's gonna be a makeup artist when she grows up."  Leesa shrugged.

"Come here you."  Kaya smiled grabbing a tissue and wiping the offending makeup from her daughters face.

"Kaya?  Is that you?"  An instantly recognisable voice asked from behind.
"Anais!  OMG!  It's been such a long time."  Kaya beamed as she greeted her, "What are you doing here?"

"Oh just recording a promo for the show, you know Hi I'm Anais Roche and whenever I'm in Bridgeport i tune into Morning Coffee."  She reeled off in her perfect I'm a superstar drawl.  "Hey i never knew you had a daughter."

"Oh yeah, this is Morgan."  Kaya told her proudly.

"Hey cutie."  Anais smiled tucking Morgan under her chin, "Gosh she has such beautiful red hair and those green eyes, if i didn't know better I'd say she reminded me of he who must not be named."  She winked.

Kaya tried not to let the shock register on her face but she knew from Anais's reaction that she had not succeeded.  She never thought in a million years that anyone would figure that Morgan looked like Robson, but then he and Anais had spent years of their lives together.  
If anyone knew him inside out it was her.

"Oh no Kaya, when you said you'd got on the wrong side of him i never imagined that you meant this."  Anais replied.

"It was just a stupid fling."  Kaya explained, "He doesn't know about Morgan and he never can."

"Kaya if anyone could understand you keeping this from him it's me."  She replied.

"So you won't tell anyone?"  Kaya asked.

"When you came up to me in the gym that day you changed everything for me Kaya, you made me remember who i really was and you helped me find the strength to help other Sims by telling my story. I would be a pretty lousy friend if i let you down."  Anais smiled, "You're secret is safe with me."

Anais took Kaya's hand and squeezed it before stroking Morgan's downy hair, "Now i come to think about it she looks a lot like you too."

As the two friends laughed neither one noticed Marcia Marsay standing outside the dressing room, listening intently to their exchange.

So Kaya Traytor had Robson's love child, she thought, and she exposed his relationship with Anais for what it really was.  God if Robson found out about this he would be furious, so angry in fact that he would forget all about me, yes i bet he'd be so mad that when i tell him i got the boot from my job he wouldn't even care because he'd have a better target to point his anger at.

Marcia smiled for the first time that day, she might be out of luck in many respects but the Gods had surely just smiled upon her.
When she arrived home she found Robson downing champagne from a bottle, he regarded her through rheumy eyes.

"What are you doing here?"  He snarled.

"There's something i need to tell you Robson."  Marcia ventured carefully before sitting down.  "The studio have decided not to renew my contract."

He smiled meanly, looking at her like she was dirt "So they finally realised how useless you are."

"They're replacing me with that entertainment reporter, Kaya Traytor."  Marcia saw that she had his attention with the mention of her name. "You remember her right?  The girl you had a one night stand with."

"How'd you know about that?"  He snapped, looking genuinely surprised.

"I know many things Robson."  She shot back, her confidence increasing as she felt herself finally gaining the upper hand.

"Yeah, you know how to get me more booze?"  He sneered, "Get your ass to the kitchen and bring me some more."

"I think you're going to want to hear what i have to say."  She replied, standing her ground.

"I don't like your tone."  He threatened narrowing his eyes carefully.

"Kaya Traytor was the one who got the story about you from Anais Roche, I heard the two of them laughing it up earlier."  She revealed, feeling his patience slip.

Robson tilted his head back at her revelation as if trying to physically take the information into his brain, Marcia took his silence as an invitation to continue.

"She had a child with her.  Your child."  She revealed.

Robson sat still as stone for a while then abruptly rose from his chair knocking the bottle of champagne askew.

"How long have you known about this?"  He asked quietly.

"I told you i overheard them talking today."  Marcia answered quickly.

"Don't lie to me, you've worked with that woman for years."  He snarled through his teeth.

Marcia felt the bravado well up inside her, how dare he not believe me when she's the one who lied to him all this time!  It was yet another knock down from the man who had derided her until she lost all sense of worth, and she could take it no more.

Summoning her strength she reached out and slapped his face as hard as she could.
Robson's head snapped back at her touch as she yelled, "How dare you question me, I've supported you all this time and stood by your side and now I've lost my job because of you and your reputation!"

She gasped in air at the end of her tirade and puffed out her cheeks.  Then she glanced at Robson's face and all the colour drained from hers.

The red haze had returned.

His fists clenched in preparation at his side.

Marcia let out a whimper as he lurched forwards.
The back of his hand connected squarely with her cheek and she felt the familiar shooting pain flash behind her eye.

"Robson please....."  She managed, but he wasn't finished with her, not by a long shot.
Reaching forward he placed his hands around her throat and began to squeeze.

Marcia felt herself go limp in his grasp, it was a reflex action she had developed over time, but something told her that this was not the time for inaction. Something in his eyes which were burning with a cold fury.

She reached for his arms and tried to force them away, but he was much too strong.  In vain she attempted to claw at his face, anything to get him to release his vice like grip. 

As she fought back Robson's eyes remained cold and impassive, they were the last thing she saw before total darkness.

Robson released his grip on Marcia and she slumped to the floor in front of him.  Stepping back he exhaled calmly.

Now that his first problem was taken care of he knew exactly how to handle the other.
As calmly as if she wasn't there Robson stepped over Marcia's lifeless body and started to pack an overnight bag.


His plan was simple, take from Kaya what she had kept from him.

Marcia had told him that he had a child, but had irritatingly not specified if it was a boy or girl.  No matter, thought Robson, certain that he would have produced a boy.
Finding them was easy. 

Everyone in town knew where the Traytors lived, high up in the hills among the rich and famous, even though they themselves were nothings and nobodies. 

Robson had simply to wait and watch from the shadows until they emerged, four of them, the lying bitch alongside a man and two children, one boy and one girl.

Robson followed them to the playground and watched them underneath the cover of a large sycamore tree.

It was plain to him that the boy was not of his making, he looked too much like the man SHE was with.
Robson sneered as he watched them, so engrossed in each other, they had no time for the children who had been left to fend for themselves. 

Ignorant bitch, he thought, well your ignorance will serve me well today.

He regarded the children, biding his time until his chance arose.

Robson had not expected a daughter, it offended his male pride to think that he had not produced a son. Typical of that interfering bitch, he thought, she had to have the last laugh but i will wipe that smile clear from her face.

As he watched he noticed the other child, a boy, who was holding steadfast onto that weird doll and would not let the girl play with it.  She soon tired of this and stood on her own two feet to walk away.

This is it!  He realised, there will never be a better chance than right now.

He started forward ensuring that his path crossed the girls.  As she noticed him she promptly fell onto her bottom with a small thump.

Robson looked up, assuming the girl would cry and the game would be lost.

But instead she returned his gaze with interest while her mother continued her conversation with her man friend.

Robson smiled slowly and slyly as he realised that she would soon know the humiliation she had caused him by keeping his child from him all these years, by robbing him of his dignity.  Yes Kaya Traytor would soon be in her own personal hell, berating herself for not caring enough to watch over this child.

Robson snatched the girl up from the floor.  She did not resist, quite the opposite she reached out for him, almost inviting him to take her.

Robson looked deeply into the eyes of the small girl who had been made in his image, she did not deserve to have such a bitch for a mother, but Robson would see to it that she never had to endure her ever again.

He would take her so far away that no one would ever find them.

Authors note:~

Domestic violence is a very real and very serious problem, affecting hundreds and thousands of women, men and children across the world. 
If you have been affected by the storyline or need any support you can find free, confidential advice at the national domestic violence helpline http://www.nationaldomesticviolencehelpline.org.uk/

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Oh man, this chapter has serious bite. Poor Marcia, putting up with Robson only to have him snap off the deep end.

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Wow Angie, this one's gripping and very real. Domestic violence is a serious issue. What really hurts is emotional and verbal abuse, the kind that's NOT accompanied by physical violence. It's almost impossible to prove and in a way more devastating than the physical.

Thank you for putting out this story. In the U.S, if you have a friend you think is being abused, you can find resources at http://www.thehotline.org/

If you yourself are being abused DO NOT go to the website, as internet usage can be tracked by the abuser. Instead, call the helpline at 1−800−799−SAFE(7233) or TTY 1−800−787−3224.

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@ Jaguwar thank you for adding this link for all my readers in the US. You're right emotional abuse is awful and serves to make the victim feel as though they are unworthy of love when it is the abuser who is to blame.

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