Jonny Traytor 1st Generation
Chapter1.1 Bright Lights Big Bridgeport
Chapter1.2 Hello Darkness My Old Friend
Chapter1.3 Going Through Changes
Chapter1.4 Breaking Up Is Never Easy To Do
Chapter1.5  The Girl Next Door
Chapter1.6 All About Audra
Chapter1.7 Hellos and Goodbyes
Chapter1.8 Indecent Proposal
Chapter1.9 The Vendetta
Chapter1.10 Love Don't Live Here Anymore

Audra Traytor
2nd Generation

Chapter2.1 New Beginnings
Chapter2.2 He ain't heavy he's my brother
Chapter2.3 Tissues and Issues
Chapter2.4 A Traytor in our midst?
Chapter2.5 The hero
Chapter2.6 Fix you
Chapter2.7 I am transformed
Chapter2.8 We are family
Chapter2.9 Delta blues
Chapter2.10 Can you keep a secret?
Chapter2.11 Eliza and Finlay

Finlay Traytor
3rd Generation
Chapter3.1 And the winner is.................
Chapter3.2 Pour yourself a cup of ambition
Chapter3.3 Dirty deeds
Chapter3.4 Wedding days and separate ways
Chapter3.5 Election
Chapter3.6 That was then, this is now
Chapter3.7 There is always Hope
Chapter3.8 Do the right thing
Chapter3.9 Sticks and stones
Chapter3.10 Be careful what you wish for
Chapter3.11 Lead me not into temptation
Chapter3.12(part1) No good deed goes unpunished
Chapter3.12(part2) Oh brother!
Chapter3.13 Finlay's girls

Iris Traytor
4th Generation

Chapter4.1 Dear diary.....
Chapter4.2 Natural beauty
Chapter4.3 Falling
Chapter4.4 Pipe dreams
Chapter4.5 To be or not to be?
Chapter4.6 Judy Blume never prepared me for this
Chapter4.7 Cocktails and dreams
Chapter4.8 Come back to what you know
Chapter4.9 Riptide
Chapter4.11 Hollow man
Chapter4.12(Part_One) They tried to make me go to rehab
Chapter4.12(Part_Two) I said No, No, No!

Kaya Traytor
5th Generation

Chapter5.1 A bitter pill to swallow
Chapter5.2 Prom night 2 the revenge
Chapter5.3 Ashes
Chapter5.4 Do over
Chapter5.5 This kitten has claws
Chapter5.6 You can't disguise those sweet little lies
Chapter5.7 What doesn't kill you makes you stronger
Chapter5.8(part_one) Daddy issues
Chapter5.8_part_two) Daddy issues
Chapter5.9 Yin and Yang
Chapter5.10 28,000 hours later
Chapter5.11 Growing pains

Morgan Traytor
6th Generation
Chapter6.1 Set childish things aside
Chapter6.2 A problem shared
Chapter6.3 Stand by me
Chapter6.4 Morgans choice
Chapter6.5 Oh baby!
Chapter6.6 The tangled web we weave
Chapter6.7 The truth will set you free
Chapter6.8 The hardest word
Chapter6.9 I can see clearly now
Chapter6.10 Pity party

Odette Traytor
7th Generation

Chapter7.1 Seek and you will find
Chapter7.2 The unremembered
Chapter7.3(Part_One) The boy who waited
Chapter7.3(Part_Two) The boy who waited
Chapter7.4 Oscar and Olivia
Chapter7.4 Odd
Chapter7.5 Ink