Thursday, 30 June 2011

Taking a break!

Hi all!

I'm taking a break for two weeks while i go sun myself in Greece!

Sorry i didn't get chance to finish the last chapter fully but I've published what i got done anyway.  I will probably have to make it a three parter and finish it when i get back.

The Traytor's will be back week commencing 18th July, i hope to hear from you all then.

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CHAPTER 5.8 (Part two): Daddy issues

Kaya awoke to the sounds of her screaming daughter whose crocodile tears soon dried at the sight of her mother.

"Ma!"  She squealed in delight.

Kaya rubbed her tired eyes, stifled a yawn and hauled Morgan from her crib.
"Hey baby!  Are you hungry?"  She asked as Morgan nodded her head furiously.

"Lets fix you some breakfast huh?"  Kaya added.

Still half asleep she trotted down the stairs and secured Morgan in her high chair before preparing her favourite breakfast of mashed banana.
"Here you go sweetie."  Kaya said, lovingly placing the bowl in front of Morgan and turning back to the stove to prepare waffles for her and Lexie.

Morgan proceeded to mush her hands into the bowl, scooping up the banana and throwing it unceremoniously onto the floor.

"Morgan!  Use your spoon."  Kaya lectured.

As she began to whip up the batter mixture Kaya heard an almighty crash from behind her turning she found....................
An irate Morgan tipping her bowl off the high chair and straight onto the floor, smashing the dish into pieces and spraying mushy banana everywhere.

"Morgan!"  She sighed.

"Look at the mess you've made!  I only turned my back for two minutes!"  Kaya chided gently.

Picking Morgan back up she cleared the mess of the breakfast away and left her half prepared waffles mixture on the side, how did other mothers find time to eat?  She wondered.

Looking outside Kaya realised it was a beautiful spring morning and her day off, perfect time to teach Morgan to walk, she figured.
"C'mon Morgan, that's right stand up!"  She encouraged.

Morgan managed a wobbly stand for all of one second before plonking down onto her bottom and pouting at Kaya.

"C'mon sweetie, try again."  Kaya asked.

This time Morgan managed to stand on her own two feet and filled with hope Kaya took a few steps back and beckoned her to walk.

Morgan squinted, wobbled and fell back onto the grass bursting into tears of frustration.

Kaya stood back up and sighed loudly, this parenting lark wasn't as easy as she had hoped it would be, it seemed that at every opportunity Morgan was resistant to her tutoring.

"Shh, baby don't cry.  C'mon lets try again."  Kaya soothed.

"No!"  Morgan screamed.

"Not as easy as it looks is it?"  A voice asked.
"Don't worry it gets better."  Jackson added.

"Really?  When?"  Kaya smiled.

"Stick with it she'll pick it up."  He encouraged.  "It took Howie almost a week."

"Well i guess he had a good teacher in you."  Kaya replied.

"I have my moments, but being a parent is tough."  Jackson frowned.

"Tougher than splitting the atom, or whatever it is that you scientists do?"  Kaya joked.
"Are you kidding?  Nuclear fission is a breeze compared to changing a diaper."  Jackson quipped.

The pair smiled at each other fondly until Kaya regained her focus.  What was Jackson doing here?  Did he want to rub his happy family in her face some more?

"Your little boy is the spitting image of you."  Kaya said, scrambling for something to say.

"Yeah, poor kid!"  Jackson laughed, "Seriously though i think he's much cuter."

He seemed so genial and at ease in her company, it was as though they had never parted company.  But the memory of Jackson with his family at the park was ingrained in Kaya's memory and she was wary that falling back into their old routine would make it too hard for her to watch him leave after their friendly chat was over.

Jackson seemed to read her mind and reverted to his awkward type.

"Kaya, you ran off so fast yesterday i didn't get a chance to introduce you."  He said.

"Sorry, i just had to get home."  She lied, "I'd love to meet your family sometime though."  She added, hoping she had bluffed her way through it.

"Maybe we could get Howie and Morgan together for a play date some time?"  Jackson asked, "And maybe you and i could get together for a coffee?"

"I'm not sure that's a good idea Jackson."  Kaya sighed, "I mean i wish that we could be friends but to be honest it's just too hard for me having your happy family shoved in my face."  She snapped, instantly wishing she could take back her words.  She hadn't meant to sound jealous but she was finding it hard to control her emotions.

"Sorry Jackson, but it's tough enough being a single mother without having to see my ex and his wife looking so perfect together."  She explained.

"Oh, so that's why you rushed off yesterday."  He exclaimed.

"What? No!  I told you i was in a rush."  She replied hurriedly, feeling her patience slip.

"Kaya, Beth isn't my wife."  Jackson explained, "We met while we were working on a project together and well lets just say that Howie was the best thing to come out of our relationship."
"Oh.  I just assumed, i mean you two looked pretty happy together."  Kaya smiled.

"Well i guess we get on."  Jackson explained, "We have a lot in common, we're both scientists and of course we have Howie."

"But you're not in a relationship?"  Kaya confirmed.

"Nope, I'm free and single."  He smiled.  "So how about that coffee?"

"Sounds perfect."  Kaya replied unable to contain her beaming smile.

After Jackson left Kaya decided to heed his advice and persevered with teaching Morgan to walk.

Picking her up she stood her firmly on her feet and stepped back.

"Come on Morgan, come to Mommy."  She called.
Morgan teetered unsteadily then slowly took one step forward.

"Yes!  That's it, keep going!"  Kaya called.

Morgan grinned at the encouragement and continued forward until she reached Kaya's out stretched arms.

Kaya scooped Morgan up and swung her high in the air.

"You did it!"

After the initial confusion was cleared up Kaya wasted no time at all in taking up Jackson's offer of coffee.

She played it slowly at first, a couple of coffee dates here and there were soon followed by daily phone calls.
Which lead to dinner dates and evenings spent reminiscing over a bottle of wine (or two!)

Before long the two were spending all of their spare time together. 

They had both agreed not to introduce the other to their respective children just yet, Kaya hated nothing more than the thought of Morgan becoming attached to a man who may or may not be around forever.

It was one thing if her heart got broken and entirely another if Morgan's did.
They found themselves partaking in all sorts of incredibly intellectual things like visiting the art gallery.
Of course the intellect soon evaporated when Kaya remarked that the sculpture looked "kinda like a deformed twiglet!"
Jackson's face said it all and the pair of them dissolved into fits of laughter.
That night Jackson insisted they take a stroll down by the old harbour together and they sat at the waters edge gazing out at the expanse of stars, jewelling the inky night with their sparkly brilliance.

Kaya could feel Jackson's eyes on her as she looked into the night, "You're supposed to look up!"  She chided lightly.

"Oh is that how this star gazing thing works?"  he chuckled, before sneaking his hand to rest against hers lightly.
Kaya returned his smile and leaned against his shoulder to signal that his touch was more than welcome.
"Look!"  She cried, pointing upwards, "A shooting star, you have to make a wish."

Jackson smiled at the corner of his mouth as though her idea was babyish.

"Come on don't you know if you wish on shooting star you get your wish granted."  She said nudging him in his side.

"Oh i know."  He told her, straightening his glasses, "Don't YOU know that if you tell someone else what you wished for that it won't come true?"
She chuckled and stood up, brushing the dust from the path off her dress.

"Why did you bring us out here anyway?"  Kaya asked.

"Don't you remember?  This is where we were the night you first noticed me."  He replied.

"What are you talking about we went to school together our whole lives."  She pointed out.

"Yes but you were too busy being popular to notice me, but that night something  got you upset and i caught the flack for it."
"I guess i was kinda a bitch!"  She smiled, taking his face in her hands and gazing into his bespectacled eyes.

"Not to me."  He shook his head, "To me you were this fearless creature who said exactly what she thought and i fell in love with you.  I never stopped."  Jackson replied.

"You're my wish Kaya."  He told her, stroking her soft cheek tenderly, "I know i said it out loud so now you'll probably run a mile but i figured I'd take a leaf out of your book and say what i think."

"I never believed in that star wishing thingy anyway."  She smiled before kissing him.
It wasn't too much longer after that night that things became much more serious between Kaya and Jackson and she knew that the time was right for him to meet Morgan and for her to meet Howie so they could start the foundations of a family together.

"Hey!  How come I'm in my underwear and you're fully clothed?"  She demanded.

"Erm, i guess i didn't realise tonight was a sleepover."  Jackson laughed awkwardly.

"Well guess again mister!"  Kaya raised her eyebrows suggestively.

She stalked over to the bed and reclined seductively in front of him.

"Well when you put it like that!"  He laughed, before removing his clothes.

Kaya took in the site of semi naked Jackson, standing in front of her in all his glory with his fishy themed boxers displayed proudly.

"Come on then let it all out now before i come over there."  He beckoned her to speak her mind.

"I don't know what you're referring to."  She told him, tongue firmly in cheek.

"So you don't have any comment to make about my boxer shorts?"  He confirmed.
"Would you quit stalling and get over here!"  Kaya demanded, and Jackson obeyed.

"I gotta say I'm surprised you didn't demand i go home and change."  He laughed, "Or at least threaten me with a make over."

"Honestly Jackson, I've missed you."  Kaya told him, "I missed your dry sense of humour, i missed your milk bottle glasses and i sure did miss your crazy dress sense."

"So let me get this straight are you saying you don't want to change me?"  He asked.

"Not a single bit of you."  She smiled, biting her lip.

"Where is Kaya Traytor and what have you done with her?"  Jackson laughed grabbing her by her waist and flipping her onto her back.

"Shut up and kiss me already."  She smiled, and he obliged.


Monday, 27 June 2011

CHAPTER 5.8 (part one): Daddy issues

"Hello viewers, this is Kaya checking in with the latest showbiz news."

"Bridgeport's rumour mill is in overdrive this morning as racy snaps of a teenage Maya Jalandro surfaced.  The official word from her agent is that the shots were taken as a joke between 18 year old Maya and a former boyfriend, but this reporter thinks it looks suspiciously like a sleazy photo shoot.  I guess the casting couch is well and truly alive!"

"Tune in tomorrow when I'll be interviewing Maya and getting the full scoop, this is Kaya saying keep gossiping Bridgeport!  Back to you Marcia."

"Thanks Kaya, how does she get those scoops?"

"Join me after this short break when I'll be answering the question, is your laundry detergent poisoning you."

"Three, two, one and we're at break people!"
"Urgh!  Is this seriously what we're passing off as entertainment news!"  Marcia sneered, "Some blurry shots, i mean this could be anybody."

Kaya rolled her eyes at Marcia's bitchy comment, it was nothing she hadn't heard before.
Since she had taken over from Suarez, Marcia had taken every opportunity to complain and run her down, but she didn't care. 
Kaya loved her new job and she was a hit with the viewers who loved that she wasn't afraid to ask the juicy questions.

"Sorry Marcia, i guess my stories can't quite live up to murderous laundry powder!"  Kaya laughed, before flouncing off set and heading to her dressing room.

OK so it wasn't quite as grand as Marcia's but it was a significant step in the right direction.

"Can't you find any better stories than this sensationalist garbage?"  Marcia demanded, unwilling to let her point drop.

"Just giving the people what they want."  Kaya smiled, she loved winding Marcia up.

"Well people are idiots."  Marcia fumed, "And you, you're no better than those people who printed that nonsense about Robson, painting him as some kind of monster.  That damn Anais Roche cost him his career."

Kaya looked away at the mention of Robson, he and Marcia were still together and she was in total denial over the reports about his behaviour. 

Staying with him after the tide of public opinion had swung away from him had damaged Marcia's career too, the viewers of Morning Coffee were furious that their beloved host had chosen to stand by public enemy number one and had been tuning out in protest.

Kaya had been informed last week that Marcia was about to be ousted from her job and that she was at the top of the producers wish list to take over as her replacement. 

She only had to endure Marcia's criticisms for a couple more days at most and then she and all mention of Morgan's father would be out of her life for good.

Kaya was ashamed to admit that Robson had been on her mind over the past few months. 

With Morgan's birthday coming up that weekend her imagination had been running wild trying to figure out how her beautiful baby would look when she transitioned to a toddler. 
Would she have his eyes?  His nose?  Or perhaps his tell tale strawberry blond hair?

She knew that she shouldn't care, and that no matter the outcome she would love Morgan all the same, but Kaya bitterly wished that she would grow to be the spitting image of her and not Robson, and that she would never have to ask, "why do i look different to you Mommy?"

Kaya was already dreading the "who is my Daddy?" question, but she figured that one might be a little further off.
That weekend Kaya fired up the grill and began preparations for the birthday party she was throwing Morgan.

She banished all her worries to the back of her mind and focused on being the perfect mother and hostess.

Just as she was congratulating herself on being amazing the sausages burst into flames and smoldered to a crisp.

Kaya fanned them furiously to no avail, they were beyond rescue!
Slipping them discreetly into the trash Kaya called, "Who's ready for cake?"

Holding Morgan tenderly she led the family in singing happy birthday before leaning forward and blowing out the candle.

As the single flame extinguished Kaya made a small wish, "Please let my daughter look like a Traytor."
But as Morgan gazed up from her spot on the lawn Kaya realised that not only did she have Robson's pale emerald eyes she had the wispiest tuft of pale red hair too.

Kaya smiled back at her daughter, she had thought that she would feel more disappointed than she did but now seeing her little child a fully grown toddler, all she could feel was love.
"Come here princess."  Cody exclaimed snatching Morgan up from the garden and tickling her until she dissolved into fits of giggles.

"You're great with her Dad."  Kaya observed.

"What can i say?  I love being a grandpa!"  He replied.

"It's a good job too!"  Poppy laughed.

"I'd say this little one's about ready to meet you."  she smiled as Josh rubbed her bump lovingly.

"Well he's not the only one!"  Lilah exclaimed, her massive bump protruding ahead of her.

"Why do you keep calling my bump a he?"  Poppy asked, "I'm certain it's going to be a girl."

"No yours is definitely a boy, this one's a girl."  Lilah replied confidently stroking her belly.

"I think Lilah's right, i mean look how massive you are!"  Kaya added.

"Thanks sis!" 

"I just remember the size i was with Morgan, that's all."  Kaya back peddled.

"So how is it just the three of you living here?"  Lilah pried.

"It's fine, Lexie is a great baby sitter."  Kaya retorted.

"Any news on the boyfriend front?"  Lilah whispered conspiratorially.

"Are you kidding!  Lexie is way to busy cleaning up the streets from all the petty criminals to date."  Kaya dismissed.

"Actually i meant you."  Lilah laughed, she had long given up on her twin providing her a reason to don a bridesmaid dress but she still had high hopes for Kaya.

The following day Kaya took Morgan for a stroll in her new buggy and made the mistake of walking too closely to the play ground.

"Pway! Pway!"  Morgan called pointing insistently at the pink horsey rocker.

"OK, but just for five minutes."  Kaya replied.
"Wheee!"  Morgan cried, giggling in delight as she rocked back and forth.

"Maw Mama Maw!"  She begged.

"Five minutes is up!"  Kaya lectured, glancing at her watch and realising it had been more like fifteen and that the dry cleaners would be shutting any minute, holding her favourite dress for ransom until the next week.

"No!"  Morgan pouted, "Pway maw!"

"C'mon Morgan."  Kaya said trying to be as patient as possible, "We'll go to the store and if you're a very good girl I'll get you some sweeties."

"No!  Pway maw!"  Morgan screamed as loud as possible in Kaya's ear while struggling and kicking away.

Kaya could feel the eyes of the other parents on her as Morgan yelled and threw a tantrum, she just knew that they were thinking "why can't she control her child?"

"Morgan, Mommy has to go to the store."  She lectured, keeping her voice low.

Morgan looked at her with such fury in her little face that Kaya was certain that her first real sentence would be "I hate you!"

I guess they don't call them the terrible two's for nothing!  Kaya thought shrugging it off in her usual self assured way. 

After enduring the struggle to get Morgan back into her buggy, Kaya set off towards the dry cleaners.
But for all her efforts she was rewarded with a closed sign and a unwaveringly insistent shake of the head from the proprietor who could not be persuaded to reopen just for her. 

What was the point of being on TV if you couldn't get any perks?  Kaya fumed silently.

Strolling back towards home they passed the park again, this time it was the sand pit which caught Morgans' eye.

"Pway!"  She called out in her sing song voice.

Why not?  Kaya thought.

After depositing a happy Morgan in the sand Kaya looked around for somewhere to sit and watch her fun from a safe distance, the last thing she needed was sand shoved in her purse like the last time!

Spotting a half occupied bench she made her way over.
As she drew closer she realised that she knew the man sitting on the far side of the bench, it was Jackson!

Beaming Kaya called out to him.

"Wow Kaya!"  He cried, recognising her instantly.

"Jackson, how long has it been?"  She asked trying to be casual.

"Too long."  He replied smiling at her.

As she drank in the sight of him Kaya realised just how much she had missed his bespectacled face, she had even missed his dreadful sense of style.

"What are you staring at?"  Jackson asked, his smile reaching his eyes, "It's my shirt isn't it?"

"What?  No of course not!"  Kaya lied.

"I can read you like a book."  Jackson laughed, "Is that little girl with you?"  He asked gesturing to Morgan.

"Yes, that's my daughter Morgan."  Kaya told him, "She literally dragged me here."  she added, silently praising her daughter's perseverance and promising her all the candy she could eat.
"So she's head strong?  I wonder who she gets that from."  Jackson joked, "Is your husband with you?"

Kaya bit her lip, was he fishing? she wondered.

"Actually I'm not married."  She replied.

"Oh."  Jackson replied smiling.

"So how long have you been back in Bridgeport?  And why didn't you look me up?"  Kaya asked perturbed.

"Oh not long, just a couple of weeks."  Jackson brushed it off, "I was hoping i would run into you eventually."

"You were?"  Kaya replied twisting the corner of her mouth subtly, yes he was definitely flirting she was sure.

"Dadda!"  a little voice rang out from behind them.

"Hey buddy!"  Jackson replied, turning and waving at the little boy.

Kaya looked over his shoulder to make out a mini Jackson in the arms of a similarly bespectacled and fashionably challenged woman. 

Her heart sank as she took in the sight of the three of them together and the huge grin which had engulfed Jackson's face at just the sight of his family.

"Well it was nice seeing you again."  Kaya called, "I have to be getting home."

Before he had chance to introduce her to them Kaya grabbed Morgan and ignoring her protests plonked her in her buggy and walked from the park.

She could hear Jackson and the woman talking about the day she had, had and how much "Howie had missed his Daddy"  She could feel the heat creeping up from her throat to her ears and the dull pain of a lump in her throat told her that she was about to cry, in public.

Rushing away she heard Jackson call her name, turning slightly she waved pretending that she thought he had said goodbye and continued on towards the tube station.
As she sat on the metro train the image of Jackson holding his little boy stayed ingrained in her memory.

The way his face lit up with pure unadulterated love and joy to be with his boy told her all she needed to know and reminded her of what she had known for a long time, Jackson would be a great father.
There was no question in her mind, not only that but she knew he would be a great husband too. 

God she felt such a fool for thinking that he had been fishing when he had asked if she was with her husband at the park.
Why wouldn't he think that? after all that's what proper families did, didn't they?  Visit the park together or take a stroll through town flaunting their happiness in front of others.

God she hated happy families!

As she put Morgan in her crib that night she kissed the girls wispy red hair and whispered, "Mommy loves you baby."

Kaya never spent too long worrying if she was enough for Morgan, their situation was just the way it was. 

So what if she didn't have a father to pick her up and send her into fits of giggles? and so what if she would never call the word Dadda with as much excitement as Jackson's child had today?

She had Kaya and no one could ever love Morgan as much as she did.

Flipping open the book Kaya proceeded to read Morgan her favourite story, Sleeping Beauty.

"After the prince had slayed the dragon he cut through the wall of thorns and raced up the steps of the castle towards the princesses chamber."

As Kaya read the familiar words she felt her heart sink, she had never thought too deeply about the book before but maybe teaching her daughter that a handsome prince would turn up and save the day was not the best lesson she could give, certainly it wasn't the truth.

Sighing she swallowed her thoughts, Morgan was still a baby, what did she want to know the truth about life and love for?  She was much better off with the fairytale for as long as she could believe in it.

"The prince found her sleeping peacefully and awoke her with true loves kiss."  Kaya continued................."and they all lived happily ever after."

Closing the book carefully Kaya slipped it back onto the shelf.  Gazing down at her sleeping daughter she wished that life really was a fairytale and that there were more princes out there than there were ogres.

One lesson she knew she had to teach Morgan was when you find your prince, never let him go.