Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Heir vote result

The winner of the heir poll and the seventh heir to the Traytor family is.....................................Odd!!!!!!

The results were:

Odd   52 votes 64%
Olivia 16 votes 20%
Oscar 13 votes 16%

Thanks for all your votes.  The final chapter of gen 6 will be posted tomorrow and Odd's first chapter will be out some time next week.

Angie x



HappyMintChocolate said...

i thought you said in the previous chapter there'd be another chapter before the results are done :(

Anonymous said...

Yes i did but i haven't had chance to finish it today and the poll ended so i thought i'd post the result now and get the chappie finished tomorrow :)

HappyMintChocolate said...

ahh ok :)

I got all upset just now because i just finish decorating the apartment that Grey's going to be living (and working) in when my game froze and i had to force quit and i can't remember when i last saved it, so my next chapter is going to take me a while to do :(

Taylor said...

Yayyy go ODD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

heaven said...

I hadn't thought I wanted Odd as an heir (the girl thing) but her story was just too good to pass up! I think this may take an interesting direction so I am quite pleased. :)

jazen said...

WooHoo!!!!! That's who I voted for looking forward to her story.

Anonymous said...

@ Minty ~ Aw i hate it when that happens, you end up playing for ages and losing it all! Hope your next chapter is soon though i'm v. excited for it!

Anonymous said...

@ Taylor ~ Glad you're happy!

@ Heaven ~ I hope it will be interesting this is the first time i've had a heir i actually know what i'm doing with from the start!

@ Jazen ~ Thanks, last chapter of Morgans gen hopefully tonight then first of Odd's next week.

Anonymous said...

Aw, I wanted Oscar. :(
A devilish control freak boy would be an awesome change.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon ~ Agreed i think Oscar or even Olivia would also have made great heirs. They will still both be in it though and i'm sure Oscar's controlling ways will play a big part!