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Okay so I'm very sorry for my extended break, i know how frustrating it is to become invested in a story and have it abruptly end and leave you feeling disappointed.  But all is not lost!  For the first time since last October i have played my game and have (i think) regained my writing spark!

But it has been a long break and while i don't expect that everyone who previously enjoyed the Traytors will come back, i do want to finish the story that i have started and that i have spent so many hours of my life writing.  So with that in mind i thought it would be best to write a catch up to bring everyone (myself included) back up to speed with where i so abruptly left off.

So here goes............

Generation seven of the Traytor family drama is headed up by the fabulously weird and wonderful Odette, affectionately nicknamed Odd by her family.

She beat out some tough competition from her triplet siblings to become your chosen heir, mostly due to her "special talent"

Odd can see and communicate with ghosts, a natural ability she has had since birth.

The only problem was that her best and only friend just happened to be a ghost too.
George was a constant in Odd's life and while her family and others in general just didn't seem to understand her, George could always be counted on to listen and to hang out.

But things changed on Odd's birthday when she grew into a teenager and much to George's dismay he realised that while he was stuck a perpetual child Odd was growing and changing, and he knew that one day she would leave him behind.
As George withdrew his friendship Odd felt lost until she stumbled across another kindred soul in the shape of Elsa Fairchild, local magical emporium owner and secret witch.  Elsa took Odd under her wing and guided her into understanding her gift further.
In her quest for knowledge Odd was drawn to an old abandoned house where she discovered the journal of Alice, a servant girl whose spirit had unfinished business in the Sim world.  Odd put the pieces of the puzzle together and solved not only Alice's problems but Georges in the process as she realised that George was Alice's son.
The two lost souls were eventually reunited and found the peace they both sought.  But left a confused and lonely Odd behind without her best friend.

As if all that weren't bad enough Odd had some serious problems at home too in the shape of her sister Olivia

After growing up inseparable from triplet brother Oscar, Olivia had hung on her brothers every word.  She had believed that he wanted the best for her, that was why he insisted she hung with the right crowd at school and why she must always watch what she ate, what she wore and what she said. 

This pressure soon got too much for our little day dreamer and in her efforts to impress Oscar she went too far and stopped eating all together. 
But just in time her Mom intervened and convinced Olivia to get the help she needed at a treatment facility. 

Before she left however Olivia pleaded with Odd to stop Oscar and his reign of control before he destroyed everyone and everything around him.

But this was no easy task.  Oscar was a true control freak, completely self obsessed and ruthless in his quest for supremacy, there was no deed too low for him to stoop to get his own way.

He had already blackmailed his own mother into giving up the Traytor inheritance to him, blowing the hard earned family cash on expensive cars and the finer things in life which Oscar had always known he deserved.

He had also formed an unholy alliance with his Grandfather the notorious murderer Robson Colt, now freed from jail and restored to the family home, could anything derail this partnership of twisted minds?
The only potential fly in the ointment of Oscar's success was Anson Leigh, the brother of Stacey, Oscar's token arm candy girlfriend.  He hated Oscar with a passion for dethroning him as top dog of the high school crowd and was just waiting for his chance to take him down and expose him to be the controlling jerk that his family had come to know.
But with Olivia out of the picture in rehab, Odd was the only one with the knowledge of the extent of Oscar's schemes to hand Anson the ammunition he needed to fire off the fatal blow to her brothers reputation. 

Could she ever overcome her social awkwardness and deal with the family's drama by herself?

The stresses of determining what she should do was all too much for our Odd and she sought solace in the only place she had ever truly felt comfortable, the graveyard. 

But as midnight on Halloween approached Odd disregarded Elsa's warnings of what creatures may be lurking that night and too late she realised that she was not alone.

Approaching the statue like boy without fear Odd thought she had finally found a new ghost to get to know......................................

Finally, when it became clear that he was not about to make contact Odd spoke up, "I can see you, you know." She told him.

"I should hope so I'm sitting right next to you!" The boy replied derisively and Odd felt her cheeks colour in embarrassment. "So i guess that answers my question then." The boy continued as if to himself.

"What question?" She asked narrowing her eyes.

"Here i was wondering to myself if this girl is completely insane and now i know that you definitely are." He smirked.

"I am not!" Odd cried offended.

"Really?" he snorted, "What other possible reason do you have for being in the graveyard on Halloween all by yourself? Don't you know how dangerous that is?"

"Well you're out here by yourself!" She replied indignantly.

"That's not the same." He dismissed her retort instantly, "Besides that's not the only insane behaviour you've displayed this evening. I mean here i am a complete stranger, for all you know i could be a deranged lunatic and what do you do? Run away? Oh no you sit down and stare at me." he scoffed.

"I wasn't staring!" She yelled, hearing how her voice had risen to a higher octave than usual, and hating that he'd had that effect on her. "I was waiting for you to initiate contact with me."

"Oh really?" He tilted his head sarcastically, "What are you some Sci-fi nut? I'm not an alien!"

"I didn't think you were an alien i thought you were a ghost!" Odd retorted quickly, instantly cursing the words she had uttered, but this boy had gotten right under her skin.

At least her last remark had silenced his mocking, he seemed genuinely freaked out by it, in fact he was looking at Odd like she was the weirdest girl he'd ever met.

"Well at least we've cleared that up for you then." He finally replied, "I'm not a ghost, go on you can touch my hand and check I'm not vapour if you want." He offered his hand to her and Odd looked up expecting to see his mocking smirk, but instead she found him fixing her with a serious glance.

"That's okay i believe you." She replied not taking her eyes off him for a second. It was as though his glance was magnetised, drawing her in and she could not turn from it.

"What's your name ghost girl?" The boy eventually asked, breaking the eye contact and the spell as he did.

"Odd." She replied.

"Well that figures." He laughed gently.

"Well it's Odette actually but my sister used to call me Odd when we were babies and it kinda stuck." She explained, for some reason she felt the need to with this guy.

"It suits you." He smirked, but she saw that it was playful and not mocking. "I'm Lincoln but my family call me Ink." he told her offering his hand again, this time for her to shake.

"Nice to meet you Ink." She said shyly, before taking his hand and greeting him properly.

As she let go of his hand a flash of white blurred across the cemetery and as Odd looked up she saw that a girl was now standing directly in front of them.

"Well, well Ink I'm impressed, you actually found your own lunch tonight!" The girl smiled and Odd saw it then as the flash of light glinted readily from her fangs betraying her true nature.

This girl, so similar to Ink in her black and white appearance was a vampire.

Staring open mouthed at Ink, Odd realised just what Elsa had meant when she warned her of the dangers of this night.

So this is where we left Odd!  Hopefully this little catch up has reignited your interest in her story, if so then please read on and find out just a little bit more about her encounter with Ink!!!!

The girl cackled wildly at the look of shock on Odd's face and that's when Odd saw the trickle of blood dripping slowly from the corner of her mouth.
Swallowing hard she gripped the edge of the seat and somehow managed to get to her feet, "I, I think I should be getting home." Odd announced carefully.

Ink did not move a muscle, instead quietly watching the scene unfold like a mausoleum statue, unsure of his next action.

The girl however was not so immobile, at Odd's movement she immediately crouched into a hunting pose, fixing her glowing eyes on her intended prey.

She let out a low snarl, so guttural and base that it instantly froze Odd to the spot, all she could do was move her eyes to the left and watch as the vampire leaped towards her.

In that moment Odd knew she was done for, she was about to be reunited with George and know what it really meant to be on the other side of reality.
As she braced herself for the inevitable attack her eyes squeezed tight shut just a split second before she felt the weight of the girls hands grabbing her roughly. Her power was immeasurable, her blow like being hit by a freight train.

The force of her hand shoved Odd and she stumbled, unable to control her balance yet her eyes remained tight shut as she waited for death.

And waited..........

When she finally prised her eyes open she realised that only a few seconds had passed, and instead of the girls fangs bearing down on her, her only view was the back of Ink's head as he blocked the other vampire from her onslaught.


"Back off Raven!" He yelled.

"Damn it Ink!" She yelled back, the fury evident in her face. "You swore you would do it, you know the rules."

"I know them as well as you do!" Ink replied snarling at the girl.

"Then it's time to play ball." Raven countered his argument.

Odd stayed anchored to the spot, desperate to flee the scene but unable to tear away from the exchange between the two vampires.

"You sound just like my father." Ink told the girl shaking his head at her.

"I can't keep covering for you Ink." The girl replied, stony faced.
"Can't or won't?" He snarled in response.

"Just try it on this one." The girl nodded to Odd, "I'm sure she's tasty." She challenged as a tinge of bitterness touched her words.

Ink spun around and Odd saw a brief look of fear on his face which flashed momentarily before being suddenly replaced by anger.

"Why are you still here?" He growled, flashing her his fangs.

"I, er, I." Odd stammered, her legs turning to jelly beneath her.

"Maybe she wants to be your supper?" Raven added sarcastically.

 "Go!" Ink snarled at Odd between clenched fangs.

Odd didn't need to be told again, she had seen the haze of anger in his eyes, felt his thirsty gaze on her and knew in that moment he was giving her a final warning. Adrenaline took over and moved her at a lightening pace she never realised she possessed, and as she ran from the graveyard she wondered if she would ever feel safe there again.

I know that the extra scene was short, but i wanted to let you all know that i am continuing the story and the part i've just shared with you is the start of the next chapter which i am currently working on.  I will be honest and say that there is simply no way that i will get chapters out as quickly as before, i just do not have that kind of spare time anymore.  So my aim is to write one chapter per month from now on.  My plan is to finish the next chapter by Easter and to share it with you in full by then, so i hope you can bear with me just a little bit longer.

Angie xx


jazen said...

WELCOME BACK ANGIE!!!!!! I'm glad you have found your spark again. I have so missed our dear Odd. I like Ink even more now. I can't wait to see how this plays out for her. I hope he takes care of Oscar. (Is that mean of me?)

heaven said...

My goodness. I haven't been this excited forever! I am so glad you are back.

I look forward to seeing how things go and if Ink finds Odd again. I am so happy this story is back and I will read each chapter with great interest.

TestingChamber said...

Gah! YAY I love Odd so much! I love you and you should just let them out as you see fit, I am a bit like that myself to be honest. I missed you immensely though xxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

I'm so excited that you're back! I was so surprised when you continued on with the story, I wasn't expecting it at all!
Question: where is Odd's outfit from!? I've been wanting to ask that for a while!

angiebeno said...

Wow i'm really surprised to have any comments let alone 4! I've missed you all too and really am pleased that you are happy to have the story back, i just hope i can do it justice!

@Jazen ~ It's not mean at all someone needs to fix the problem that is Oscar!

@Heaven ~ I'm excited too, just turning on my game again and seeing all the characters really helped push me on with my writing.

@Testingchamber ~ Aw thanks i missed you too, i hope the gaps inbetween the chapters won't spoil it.

@Anon ~ I figured everyone would expect me to not bother continuing but i guess it just took me longer than i expected to get back to myself. I actually cannot remember where Odd's outfit is from it's been so long since i downloaded it. I will try and find an answer for you tonight though

scones said...

Angie! *hugs* I missed you!

I love the update, it's like things are going full circle from the founder.

PiB - Nicarra said...

Welcome back. Short is better than none at all!

I'm glad Ink wanted Odd to get away. Being a vampire snack wouldn't be a lot of fun.

angiebeno said...

@Scones ~ Hi! missed you too *hugs back*

@Nicarra ~ Thankyou it's been too long a break but i'm pleased to be back, and yeah no way i'm letting Odd end up a snack imagine how much grief i'd get if i came back just to kill her off!

Demenshia said...

Angie! I'm so glad you've found the inspiration to start writing again :) I have missed this story so much!

Happy to see that Odd made it out of the graveyard alive :) I wonder just how she and Ink will grow as friends!

Again, welcome back!!!!

angiebeno said...

@Demenshia ~ Thank you very much and i can't wait for you all to see how Odd and Inks friendship grows ;-)

Mommy said...

OMG! Angie, welcome back! I have missed you and your awesome legacy so much! I have literally checked off and on for months to see how you were doing and if there was an update. :D I cannot wait to see how well Odd and Ink get along and where their friendship goes from here, should be very interesting especially with raven around.

Take your time with your chapters, post them as much or as little as you see fit. I know how it is to be super busy.

I hope things have calmed down for you. *hugs*

Also, when you get any time to check I would love to know where you got Odd's jacket from. I have been looking for one like that for ages.

HappyMintChocolate said...

O.M.G. F*** YEAH! :D You're back :) bit upset about it only being one chapter a month, these have to be awesome and long chapters to get me through the month :P but so glad your back i have really missed you, your writing always inspired me :)

angiebeno said...

@ Mommy ~ Hugs back!!! Sorry to have kept you all waiting so long but thanks for sticking around and checking in so much :-) Odds jacket is by MYOS

@Minty ~ Missed you too buddy! I'm trying to be conservative with my estimates on chapter postings as i don't want to dissapoint anyone, maybe i will get to them quicker who knows?

And to everyone who has come back and sent me some amazing comments recently i just want to say how much they have all meant to me, i honestly don't think i would ever of got back into writing if it hadn't been for all your enthusiasm so thank you all xx

Anonymous said...

Welcome back! I'm very very excited that you're picking the story back up. And very surprised that you picked it back up in your "I'm coming back" post. Yippee!!

angiebeno said...

@Theclarkes ~ Thankyou, i wanted to share a little of what i'd wrote so you knew i meant it when i said that the story will continue :-)

Anonymous said...

What sites do you use to get all those pretty clothes and hair?! I've been wanting to ask that for the longest!

I'm really glad you came back and are continuing to write again!! I've missed reading this legacy :D

angiebeno said...

@Anon ~ If you check out the tab at the top of the blog called CC linkage you'll find links to most of the sites i use. Hair i get mostly from Newsea or Anubis and clothes from pretty much anywhere i can find em! Thanks for coming back too :-)

Simpotato said...

I'm sorry, I just saw this. Anyways, I'm so glad you're back! It's a new era in legacy-writing, and now you're the only good one left. >.<
I'm so glad you're back congrats! :D

angiebeno said...

Hi Simpotato *waves* Aw thanks but i'm certain that there are plenty of great legacy and story writers still around, i can sure think of quite a few! But thanks for the lovely compliment and we'll see soon enough if i'm still any good as i'm well on with the next chapter :0

FruHurricane said...

I didn't even know you had continued your story! I'm so glad you did though and will happily continue reading from now on! Yay!