Thursday, 26 April 2012

Help please!!!!!

Since I've been away from my game for so long i haven't done any of the updates since before the pets ep.  I remember reading that pets and any new updates since then would mess with custom content and mods so I've just left it alone.  But i really want to get my game up to date and get some new cc!!!

Can anyone advise me on what i need to do to get my game updated but so that my cc will still work, as for obvious reasons i don't want to lose any of my custom hair, clothing or lots!

Also if any of you have had any problems getting old cc to work after updating could you please share your horror stories as i want to prepare for the worst!!!

Thanks in advance.

Angie xx


heaven said...

For the most part, hair and CAS content should be fine. The majority of the problems stem from objects because the _RIG files had to be updated so pets could use them as well.

Most creators have updated their items so it's just a case of redownloading the specific items. If not, Grant Hess has a fix that you just drag and drop your files and it updates, with the only exception being beds.

I expected the mess to be much more of a pain to fix than it really was but, all in all, I found it relatively painless.

heaven said...

This is the link for the Rig Fix:,1298.0.html

Also, here are instructions for switching old CC beds so that they work, if the creator didn't update the bed themselves:,1472.msg2225.html

It's not too complicated to do. I am not an experienced modder and managed to make it work. Just have patience!

angiebeno said...

Thanks Heaven, that's good to know that you made it work. I have so much CC that the thought of having to re-download it all is mind boggling! But the converter sounds fab, i'll def give it a whirl x

Mommy said...

As Heaven stated the only issue I too had with CC after the update was with objects (mostly sofas, beds, etc..) but all of the CAS items were just fine. :)

Hopefully you don't run into any issues, I am excited to read another new chapter. :D

angiebeno said...

Thanks Mommy. I have updated and all seems fine so far. Now to search for some new cc!!!!

Anonymous said...

Check out the new EP! I can certianly see this story using it.


angiebeno said...

@ Simpotato ~ I was thinking the esact same thing when i saw it!!!! I'm definately gonna have ti have it :-)