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CHAPTER 1.1 : Bright Lights Big Bridgeport

Jonny Traytor fresh off the bus from Twinbrook could not believe his luck! 

His great uncle Jed had died a few months earlier and since he had no children of his own he had left his house to his brothers only grandchild.

The house was high in the hills of Bridgeport.

Once there had been nothing but lush green hills as far as the eye could see.

Bridgeport had been a busy port filled with sailors and fishermen.

Now Bridgeport was a thriving city, filled with celebrities and wannabes. 

Jeds place had once been the only property on the hill, now it was surrounded by the million simoleon homes of the rich and famous.

It was a local eyesore and many a celeb had tried to buy the much sought after land, but Jed was a stubborn sim and had refused all offers.

Jonny had dreamed his whole life of leaving dull old Twinbrook and coming to the city to make his fortune!

He set around his new neighbourhood intent on meeting his new neighbours, but all the mansions were heavily protected by gates and no matter how many times he tried to get buzzed in he was always turned away. 

Jonny was used to the friendliness of small town life and began to worry that he'd made a huge mistake leaving his friends and family back home. 

Just as he was all set to give up and head back to his new pad he heard music drifting over the hills, it sounded like a jam session!!

Jonny loved music, his bedroom walls back home had been plastered with posters of rock bands and his music idols, he had to investigate further.

Jonny rang the bell anxiously hoping that he would not be turned away again. 

He was answered by Curt Dagger the bassist from local fledgling group Hot Fuss.

Jonny instantly liked Curt he was covered in tattoos and lived and breathed music.

Curt introduced him to the rest of the band - Pauly Detroit was the groups founder, keyboard player and lyricist.

Sheeni Sinclair - the guitarist and lead vocalist.

Jonny discovered that the group were in the middle of auditioning for a drummer so they could finally start getting some gigs in town, but they hadn't had much luck.

Jonny saw his opportunity and he begged Curt for an audition.

Jonny was not the greatest drummer in the world, he had played in a garage band back in Twinbrook but they really sucked!

What he did have was charisma in spades and a steely determination to suceed, so he threw all he had into his audition.

Curt and Sheeni gathered around and rocked along with his beats

But Pauly just hung back, staring impassively at his performance. 

Jonny could see Curt was trying to convince Pauly to give him a shot.

Meanwhile Sheeni couldn't seem to take her eyes off him. 

The verdict was in...........

Jonny had his shot he was now the drummer with garage band Hot Fuss!! 

Not bad for a first days work!

He decided since it was obviously his lucky day he'd try it on with Sheeni, she seemed to like it but Pauly did not.

Jonny could feel a death stare burning through the back of his head.

"What's the deal with you and Pauly?" he asked Sheeni "Is he your boyfriend?"

"No" replied Sheeni "We're just friends."  She seemed a little downcast at this last reply, so Jonny decided to cheer her up.

"You know i'm not sure i can remember my way home, i think i may need a guide.  Are you up for it?" He asked Sheeni giving her a cheeky grin

"Sure why not!" Sheeni laughed.

Pauly shot them both a dirty look as they left, Jonny guessed that was the guys problem, he obviously couldn't handle the competition!

Not that Pauly turned out to be much competition for Jonny who, after succesfully luring Sheeni back to his cabin, managed to put in some horizontal band practice with her!
They also managed to squeeze in some more conventional practice hitting all the towns dive bars trying to raise their profile.

They soon started to attract a local following

Pauly would always schmooze the bar owners trying to get gigs

Curt would always schmooze the laydees, trying to get lucky.

It wasn't long until the call came in, Hot Fuss had their debut gig at local dive bar Waylons Haunt!

Sheeni insisted they needed a "rockin" makeover and dragged them to the local salon

They were greeted by local stylist Summer Bijou, who fixed Jonny with a flirty wink.
She soon got them ready for their big performance.

She saved Jonny til last, and lingered quite a while taking his measurements.  Before he left she slipped him her phone number and winked at him.

Jonny could hardly believe his luck, sure he'd had his fair share of girls before but he'd never even seen anyone as sophisticated as Summer before let alone thought he might have stood a chance with her.

He knew he should ditch her number, things were going well with Sheeni and she was really into him but something told him he didn't want to lose Summers number.
The night before the gig Jonny and Curt hit local dance club the grind and ran into none other than Lola Belle the hottest singer in town.

Jonny tried to play it cool...............

but totally failed!

After that Jonny was sure his road to fame and fortune was to be a rock star.  Up until that point he had just joined the band for fun and friendship but being that close to a music legend (one he'd had on his bedroom wall no less!) made him want to taste sucess for himself.

He and Curt stayed out all night planning their rise to stardom over way too many beers.  They ended up staggering home in the light of the sunrise and crashed out at Jonny's pad.

They had drank so much that they both overslept and showed up an hour late for the gig.

Pauly was not impressed.
And Sheeni was fuming
Jonny tried to get her to chill but Sheeni wouldn't listen.
"How could you jeopardise our chances like that!"  She yelled at Jonny.

Sheeni stormed off straight after the gig not even staying for the free pizza they had been given as payment for playing.

Jonny couldn't understand her problem, the gig had been awesome and he was on a total high after getting off stage.  All he wanted was to share it with someone and for the way he was feeling right then to never end. 

He reached into his pocket for his phone to call Sheeni and beg her to come back to the bar, but his hand found a piece of paper.  It was the stylists phone number from the day before.

Jonny grabbed his phone and made the call, but who will answer???

Tune in next time to see!!!

Hello to any new readers of the Traytor legacy.  I apologise for the lack of excitement in this first chapter i was just finding my feet and getting into the flow of writing at this point!  I promise you it gets much better so please read on :)

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