Thursday, 27 January 2011

CHAPTER 1.2: Hello darkness my old friend

Jonny made the call and Summer answered.

He had been unsure of himself at first, wary of a rejection, but Summer had flirted back with him over the phone and suggested they meet at his place.

Flirting quickly progressed to the bedroom.

Summer was clearly more experienced than Jonny and she wasn't shy about making the first move, she stripped in no time

and Jonny was a willing partner.

Summers appetite was ferocious, even when Jonny suggested they get a snack from the kitchen, she enticed him back for more!

It didn't take long for Jonny to fall head over heels in lust with Summer.

They spent the next few days together, barely leaving the bedroom.  Sheeni and the band couldn't have been farther from his mind.

But when he took a call from Pauly telling him to get over to the bar for a jam session, he made his excuses to Summer.

As he started jamming with the band Jonny was glad he had dragged himself away.  Playing on stage, even if no one was watching, was the biggest thrill he had ever felt and nothing compared with it.

As he looked up he saw Summer enter the bar - had she followed him?

She started dancing seductively, never taking her eyes off Jonny.

The display had not escaped Sheeni's attention, she kept playing but threw dirty looks Summers way.  She hadn't spoken to Jonny since the night of their gig but she was not about to be made a fool of by this woman.

After the jam session ended Jonny threw down his sticks and dodged past Summer in an attempt to retreat to the bathroom. hoping she wold get the hint and leave.

But Summer wasn't going to let him get away that easy, she chased after him and pounced.

She planted a kiss on him right there in front of Sheeni.

Jonny could feel all eyes on him as Summer kissed him.  He knew he should feel guilty but he was well and truly under her spell so he kissed her back.

Sheeni stormed over and pulled Jonny off Summer yelling at him.

He had no excuses for his actions so he kept his mouth shut.

Sheeni infuriated by his silence turned on Summer, but she just shrugged it off. 

Sheeni turned and ran out of the bar with Pauly following not far behind.

Jonny felt awful.  He wanted to go after Sheeni but Summer whispered in his ear "Forget her! Lets have some fun"

She ordered a round of drinks and they stayed at the bar partying until the small hours.
Pauly found Sheeni at home in floods of tears, and lent her a shoulder to cry on.
"He's not worth one of your tears." He told her.

Sheeni knew it was true.  She had never imagined that her and Jonny would be some great romance but was it too much to expect him to be honest with her?  She had thought they were friends.

The next day Jonny woke up to the realisation that he had messed up big time.

He had hurt Sheeni who had been nothing but good to him and had put his place in the band in jeopardy. 

He had to make amends.

Jonny interupted the jam session and pulled Sheeni to one side to apologise.

She accepted quickly - a little too quickly.

It seems Sheeni had a confession of her own to make.

After their heart to heart the previous night she had realised that it wasn't Jonny she loved it was Pauly and they had spent the night together.

Jonny did not take it well!
Curt had to drag him away to calm him down.

"You made your bed man now you gotta lie in it!" he lectured.

Jonny knew that Curt was right, he supposed he should be happy that Sheeni wasn't mad at him, but it hurt his pride that she could brush off what they had together so easily.

And seeing how close Pauly and Sheeni were made him feel sick.

He realised that he truly wanted that kind of relationship so he decided to give it a shot with Summer.

Maybe a small part of him hoped that when Sheeni saw that he had moved on that she would want him back.

But Sheeni paid them no attention. 

She had fallen head over heels for Pauly who had been her best friend for as long as she could remember and she couldn't be happier.

At least thats what she thought until one night Pauly popped the question and she immediately said YES!!
Jonny took the news hard, and when Pauly and Sheeni decided to tie the knot on stage after a gig he couldn't take seeing them together any longer.

He took off running to the streets of Bridgeport.

He wandered around in a funk for what seemed like hours until he saw a red light flickering on and off ahead.  The flashing sign read Plasma 501. 

Jonny had never ventured to this part of town before but he was in need of a stiff drink, so he decided to chance it.

The bouncer looked him over carefully, Jonny could swear he saw her lick her lips as she pulled back the rope to allow him entry.  As she did do she fixed him with an icy stare.

Jonny downed drink after drink and finally started to feel his anger fade, he knew that he had to let Sheeni go. 

He had always suspected that Pauly was in love with her and he knew that despite their differences Pauly was a good guy who would treat Sheeni right. 

He resolved to find them and heal the rift he had put in the band. 

But all the drinks he had downed had gone through him quickly he needed to seek out the bathroom.
He could feel the bouncers steely glare on him as he entered the mens room and it sent shivers down his spine.

As he stood at the stall the room began to spin. 

How many drinks have i had, he wondered.

The room started to blur in front of him and then suddenly it became clear.
He was sure she hadn't made a sound, certain she had not spoken a word, but still he could hear her so clearly calling to him.

And he was drawn to her.

Almost in a trance he offered himself to her and she drank and drank and just as Jonny started to feel his consciousness slip she stopped.

Jonny was enveloped in a red haze.

When it subsided he turned and ran from the club not stopping until he reached the safety of his house.

Locking the door behind him he staggered to the bedroom only to be met by Summer.

Jonny had never been so pleased to see anyone,  in his life.  He fell into her arms and let her take over.
Summer comforted him the only way she knew how.
That night and all the next day Jonny slept and slept, he just could not seem to wake up. 
When he finally came round he felt a hunger like he'd never known. 

He greedily ate a bowl of cereal and instantly felt sick.

Still the hunger burned in him.
He began to recall the events of the previous night.

The bouncer.  
Her eyes.  
Her calling to him.
Her biting him! 

What had he let himself in for? 

Tune in next time to find out!



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Wow, this is quite entertaining! I'm glad I sumbled upon it.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon ~ Thankyou, i hope you continue to enjoy it!