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CHAPTER 4.8: Come back to what you know

Simstyle landed on the Traytors doorstep that week showcasing Ivy and Bobby's wedding as promised.

Iris flicked through the pages surveying the pictures of the perfect couple.

The final picture was of her and Ivy "sharing a private joke" as per the photographers direction. 

Iris snorted at the memory of how that part of the shoot had really gone.

Her and Ivy standing in frosty silence side by side.

Iris had begged Ivy to reconsider the wedding in light of her revelation, but Ivy would not hear of it, refusing to acknowledge that the conversation had ever taken place.

"Iris give it a rest will you!"  She begged blocking her ears to the truth which her sister was so set on reminding her of, "I've made my decision so just deal with it."

Iris gave up, if Ivy was content to live a lie then she would let her.  She had her own life to worry over.

Joshua was now an active little toddler and a handful to boot.  Iris spent all day running around after him, followed by all evening running the bar. 

She was exhausted and had never needed Cody more, particularly in light of her current situation.

She knew this feeling all too well, the ferocity of her first bout of morning sickness had stayed with her, ingrained in her memory forever. 

The knowledge that she was having another baby filled Iris with anxiety.  Although she loved Joshua, he had grown into a difficult toddler.

When she tried to teach him to talk, he would ignore her efforts and stare off into the distance.
And he flat out refused to even sit on his potty!

Iris would eventually give up in frustration and Joshua would crawl straight to his toy box and spend all day playing inside it.

Iris blamed herself for her son's reluctance to pay attention to her, believing that Joshua was some how punishing her for Cody not being around.

She wondered how she would cope being on her own with two children to care for.

Cody was thrilled to find out that he was going to be a father again and as he had missed all of Iris's first pregnancy he was extra attentive during this one.

He spent most of his time at home rubbing her tiny bump.
Or talking to the bump.

He was convinced that the baby was a girl and he would always tell it how beautiful she was going to be, "Just like your Mom."

Having Cody at home, even just for a weekend, eased the pressure on Iris with Joshua.

As soon as his Daddy would walk in the room he threw down his toys and gave Cody his full attention.

Iris couldn't help but feel a twinge of jealousy as Joshua happily sat to be taught to speak by Cody, but when he proudly called her "Momma"  for the first time she forgave him instantly.

A few weeks before her due date Cody arrived home mid week.

"You're early!"  She exclaimed throwing her arms around him.

"I'm home for a fortnight."  He said holding her as tightly as he could manage around her massive bump.

The three of them headed down to the beach bar early that evening where Cody excitedly took his place behind the bar for the first time with Joshua and Iris looking on proudly.

Iris saw the light return to Cody's eyes as he worked the bar, being at the beach and surrounded by so many people seemed to reawaken his true spirit.

She wasn't sure if it was the excitement of Cody being home for an extended stay or the fact that their baby was impatient to meet it's father but that night she felt the shooting pains of labour across her abdomen.

Cody rushed her to the hospital where, as he predicted, Iris gave birth to a healthy baby girl who they named Kaya.
Iris was so excited to introduce Kaya to Joshua but on the day they brought her home he was playing his usual trick of hiding in the toy box and he refused to come out.

Iris gave up quickly and walked away, but Cody noting this interaction decided to step in.
"Josh come out of there please!"  He asked firmly.

To which Josh obeyed immediately.
"Come here Joshy."  Cody said, scooping the boy up in his arms, "Meet your baby sister."
"This is Kaya."  Iris told him angling the baby towards her son.

"Kaaaa!"  Joshua attempted pointing to the infant.

"Thank you."  Iris mouthed to Cody before putting Kaya in her crib and going for a much needed lie down.

"Josh i want you to do something for me OK?"  Cody asked.

"Yes Dadda."  Joshua smiled.

"I want you to listen to what your Mom tells you OK?  She needs you to help her out now that Kaya is here."

Joshua nodded slowly and looked up at Cody with his big soulful eyes, "You're a good boy Josh."  Cody told him hugging him closely.


Shortly after Kaya's birth, Cody was sent to Shang Simla on a tour of duty which was to last five months.

Iris tried to stay strong as he said his goodbyes but seeing Joshua clinging to his fathers leg in an attempt to make him stay prompted her tears to fall freely.

"Don't cry Iris, please."  He begged, "It's hard for me to leave too."

"I'm sorry Cody."  She sniffed, "I'm trying to be strong but i miss you so much when you're not here." 

"You don't need to apologise."  He said stroking her face, "You know i miss you too.  Iris there's something I've been planning for a while now and, well i was going to wait until i was home for good but........."

Cody dropped to one knee and after rummaging around in his kit bag he produced the most beautiful ring Iris had ever laid eyes on.  A large sapphire stone set in a circle of diamonds.

"Iris you are the girl of my dreams and it would make me the happiest Sim alive if you would agree to be my wife?"  He asked.

Iris felt the warm tears stain her cheeks, but this time they fell out of happiness as she whispered, "Yes!"

 "No more tears OK?"  Cody asked, wiping her cheek.

"No more tears."  Iris nodded, kissing him before saying goodbye.

She picked Joshua up and swung him around telling him, "Momma and Dadda are getting married!"

Josh gave her the cutest little grin ever and giggled his approval.


Time eventually catches up on all of us and Finlay and Charlie were not immune.
They finally succumbed to the sparkly transition into old age.

Finn surprised everyone by announcing his decision to step down as Mayor of Bridgeport.

He had served the city for over forty years even surpassing the record held by his one time mentor Martha Cole.

The council members threw him a lavish ceremony to thank him for his years of dedicated service and declared a public holiday be given in his name.

Finn sat back and enjoyed the day happy in the knowledge that he had achieved all the goals he set himself as a young man, he had proved that you could win an election based on honesty and integrity and he hoped that his legacy would live on for years to come at City Hall.

Unfortunately things were not going so well for Ivy whose marriage to Bobby was barely a year old and crumbling under the weight of her pretence.

She had started to spend an increasing number of nights at the beach bar knocking back Mojito's and trying to schmooze with the glitterati of Bridgeport's A list.

Her show, Bridgeport Nights was tanking in the ratings following the loss of it's leading man, Maxwell Cross, who had moved on to bigger and better things. 
"Ivy how long are you going to carry on like this?"  Iris asked one night after pouring her a fifth cocktail.

"Iris don't start this up again please!"  Ivy begged.

"I'm sorry, but i hate seeing you so unhappy."  Iris replied, "Surely Bobby must feel it too?"

"Not at first."  She admitted, "He did his best to try and fix us but he can't make me feel what i don't.  I think he's realised now though, I'm pretty sure he's having an affair."  She revealed coldly.

"Ivy you have to divorce him."  Iris pleaded.
"That is not an option!"  Ivy hissed, "I need to keep my profile up if I'm to stand any chance of landing a new show, getting divorced will lose me all my fans."

"OK I've heard enough of this!"  Iris yelled, "I know your career is important to you Ivy but this is madness!  You can't live a lie, it's not worth the unhappiness you're feeling all of the time."  She reasoned.

"You just don't understand!"  Ivy cried before taking off up the path away from the beach.

Iris rubbed her head, she was starting to feel the effects of a migraine coming on no thanks to Ivy and her drama.

Sighing she returned to the bar and began polishing the glasses, as she returned the cocktail glass to its rightful shelf she looked up and took in the sight of another familiar face. 

She exhaled deeply realising that the nights drama was far from over.
"Hello Alex."  She said.

"So this is what Cody is doing with his life!"  She snorted regarding the sign to Cody's Place.
"Where is he?"

"You'd better take a seat."  Iris offered pulling up a stool at the bar.
Iris filled Alex in on all she had missed in Cody's life, from him enlisting in the army to the birth of Josh and Kaya.

"Cody is in the army!"  Alex exclaimed visibly shocked, "How could you do this to him?  You've ruined his life!"

"Alex you don't know what you're talking about."  Iris replied calmly, "Cody and i are very happy together, in fact we're getting married."  She told her flashing the ring under her nose.

"You have no idea what you've taken from him do you?"  Alex hissed, "All of his dreams just vanished the minute you showed up."

Iris tried to remain calm but the vitriolic words that fell from Alex's mouth made the task almost impossible.

"Now what does he have to show for his life?  A job as a mindless grunt and two snot nosed brats tying him down." Alex continued.
"Don't you dare speak about my kids like that!"  Iris snapped, "You don't know anything about our life together.  Everything he has done has been his choice, not mine."

"There's no way he would choose this life."  Alex shook her head, "I've known Cody a lot longer than you and when i see him again I'm going to remind him just what he's missing out on."  She threatened.

"If you try and come between my family I'll......." Iris started.

"You'll what?"  Alex interrupted, "You'll do nothing Iris, because you know I'm right."  She finished getting up from the bar she said, "I'll be seeing you."  Before walking away into the night.



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Great chapter. Josh is such a naughty boy around Iris, I hope he remembers he promised Cody to be good.

Ivy, really, is your career going so well that it's worth a sham marriage.

I was wondering if Alex would reappear sometime. Hmm. Nothing like a bit of drama.

Congrats to ex-Mayor Finn and Charlie. Elders at last.

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