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CHAPTER 5.5: This kitten has claws

Kaya flicked through the wanted ads while Josh slurped his cereal noisily next to her.

One thing that could be said for Bridgeport was that it had a multitude of opportunities within its boundaries, just about any job you could think up was printed within the Tribunes vacancies section from Organ donor to Ghost hunter. 

Kaya shook her head at the thought, some Sims will do anything!

She really had no idea what sort of work she wanted to apply for but searching for a job was taking her mind from the pain that was radiating in her chest.

She had tried her hardest to bury the feeling of complete despair as deep down as she could but in truth a simple scratch of the surface would bring it back to the fore.
Jackson had been so proud to receive his high school diploma. 
Naturally he was the class valedictorian and had given a rousing speech about the bright future that lay in front of each and every class mate, but it was one thing that he had said in his speech that really stuck with Kaya.

Jackson looked the crowd straight on and said, "With each step we take into our future we are reaching our destinies and to fulfill them is surely our ultimate goal."

Kaya envied Jackson, he had his destiny in place with his spot at Twinbrook Science Academy awaiting him, he was certain to achieve his goals, but Kaya?  She had no clue what her destiny was.

The one thing she knew in that moment was that she could only get in the way of Jackson's future, and she couldn't allow that to be.
She could still recall in great detail the wounded look on his face when she told him that they were over.

Kaya knew that if she simply explained her reasoning to Jackson that he would talk her out of it all too easily, so she told him that she didn't want to do the long distance thing, "I mean it's not as though we're seriously going to be faithful right?"  She had added.

In truth Kaya knew that she could be faithful to Jackson, he was the only boy who had ever looked beyond the facade she showed the rest of the world. He alone had looked passed it and seen the real girl underneath and that was something Kaya knew would not come around again.

But she also knew that if Jackson didn't throw himself into his research that the world would never benefit from his genius and she couldn't bare to be the one to blame for that.

Kaya waited until Jackson had left before she allowed the tears to fall. It was the right thing to do, she told herself, he would be better off without her holding him back.

"Oh my God!"  Kaya exclaimed, snapping back to reality.

Josh dropped his spoon spraying soggy cornflakes across his lap as Kaya's shrill voice called out, "What is it?"  He asked worriedly.

"Look at this!"  She insisted, pointing to the paper, "This is it, this is my destiny!"  She declared.

"Assistant to Suarez Symton?"  Josh asked, screwing up his face at the wanted ad Kaya was so thrilled over.

"Who the hell is that?"  He asked.

"Suarez Symton is only THE ultimate celebrity blogger!"  Kaya replied, rolling her eyes at her brothers lack of knowledge, "It says here that he's landed a slot on Morning Coffee and he needs an assistant to help keep his blog running."

"Morning Coffee, that awful breakfast TV show?"  Josh confirmed.

"Josh!  It's not awful!"  Kaya insisted, "Marcia Marsay presents it she's only like the single most fabulous Sim ever!"

"Whatever you say sis."  Josh smiled.

"This is it Josh i just know know it!"  Kaya beamed.


Kaya sat patiently in the reception of Morning Coffee waiting for her interview with Suarez to begin.

So far she had witnessed a string of stunning girls coming and going from his office each one looking more dejected than the next as they left.  Suarez must be a tough one to please, Kaya thought.

Before she had chance to ponder it further her name was being called and she was ushered into Suarez's office.

As she entered she had to force herself to not squeal in delight at the plush interior of the room, which was decorated in the latest furniture and complimented perfectly by the signed photographs of all the celebrities that Suarez had interviewed.

He gestured for Kaya to sit but said nothing, he just stared blatantly, appraising her carefully.

Kaya felt her cheeks flush at his inspection and shifted nervously in the seat, crossing her legs to ensure that her posture would stand up to the scrutiny.

"So......"  Suarez began, stretching out his words and not shifting his gaze a centimeter.

"I-I'm Kaya, Kaya Traytor."  She started.

Suarez held up his finger to silence Kaya and rose from his chair walking around the table to face her.

"Stand up."  He instructed.

Kaya did as asked and gulped as Suarez circled her looking her up and down.
"So what makes you think YOU have what it takes to be MY assistant?"  He demanded.

"Well, i just graduated high school and i used to write for the school paper."  Kaya began, she tried to read Suarez's expression but he was impassive, "I always wrote about celebrities and i follow your blog like it's a religion."  She continued, still eliciting no response.

"So you regurgitate what you read on my sight and pass it off as your own story for your school paper?"  Suarez accused.

"What?  No!"  Kaya replied, "I always wrote my own opinion."  She insisted.

"Sure you did honey."  Suarez retorted sarcastically, "I'm sure there are just billions of original ideas floating around in that pretty little blond head of yours.  Let me guess, you were "miss thing" at school, kept all the guys on their toes, I'll bet you were even prom queen right?"

"Y-Yes."  Kaya replied, "But it's not how you think."

"Riiight!  Do you know how many bubble headed wannabes I've had come through that door today?"  He demanded meanly, "There are literally a hundred girls just like you.  You're nothing special anymore, this ain't High school sweetie!"

Suarez tutted and signalled for Kaya to leave.
She tried not to let the anger build up inside her at his harsh comments but the fact that those words had come from someone she really looked up to and aspired to be stung too much for Kaya to let it slide.

Turning she faced him dead on.

"In case i wasn't clear you don't have the job."  Suarez retorted.

"No i got you loud and clear."  Kaya replied, her voice unwavering, "I just wanted to give you a little taste of my own original ideas.  My last piece was on the Simmies best and worst dressed so it's safe to say i know a thing or two about fashion."

"And?"  Suarez replied wrinkling his nose at her speech.

"And that is the ugliest shirt i have ever seen."  She concluded, gesturing to his unbuttoned to the navel silk shirt.
Suarez stepped back looking as though Kaya had just delivered a physical blow to him.

She felt the anger recede at her jab but underneath it was a feeling of rejection as she knew for certain that she had blown any chance she ever had of working for Suarez.

But to her surprise, Suarez's initial reaction soon changed from one of shock to that of amusement as he chuckled a deep throaty laugh.

"Well, well the prom queen has claws!"  He exclaimed, "Maybe i misjudged you, it seems you are cut out for this job after all." 

"Really?  So i got the job?"  Kaya preened.

"You got a 6 week trial honey."  Suarez beamed.
Suarez wasted no time in inducting Kaya into the heady world of his blog which he had wittily named "Suarez Sez"

"So my job on Morning Coffee involves me interviewing celebrities and reporting on their latest projects."  Suarez explained, "I need you to keep the blog afloat, that means keeping up with all my contacts and liaising with the paparazzi who take the snaps, you gotta understand this game Kaya it's dog eat dog and whoever shouts the loudest and pays the most gets the scoop you got it?"

Kaya's head was spinning with all the information he was throwing her way but the opportunity she had been given was once in a lifetime and she wasn't about to let Suarez down.

Suarez's headquarters were now based at the studios of Morning Coffee and Kaya was thrilled to learn that she would be working so close to TV mega star Marcia Marsay.

"A couple of rules."  Suarez lectured, "Never look Marcia directly in the eye, never initiate a conversation with her and most importantly NEVER go into her dressing room!"

"Wow anything else i should know like does her head explode if you stand too close to her?"  Kaya joked.

"Seriously Kaya don't piss her off!"  Suarez lectured, "She'll already throw a fit when she sees i hired you."

"Why?"  Kaya asked, perplexed by his statement.

Suarez shook his head at her question, "Honey this business they call show is cut throat especially for a woman, there's always someone younger thinner and prettier waiting in the wings to steal your limelight and she won't be happy that i hired such a pretty assistant."

"But Marcia is so beautiful i can't imagine her being jealous of me."  Kaya replied.

"Don't be fooled Ms Marsay has had more work than Michael Jackson."  Suarez sniped.

"Really?"  Kaya said genuinely shocked, she was used to seeing much older actresses and presenters having plastic surgery but Marcia was in her early thirties what cosmetic work could she possibly need?

"Oh sure!"  Suarez retorted, "Botox, naturally, nose job and i heard she had her thighs lipo'ed last year and there ain't no way those are her real breasts."  Suarez reeled off the long list of procedures.


Kaya settled into her role well and by the end of her first week she knew all of Suarez's contacts on a first name basis and had the paparazzi eating out of her palm.

She managed to successfully avoid Marcia, but witnessed first hand her legendary temper.

"God damn it Bob, if you can't cope with keeping that camera pointed at me then maybe i should get the producer on set and have your tubby ass fired!"  Marcia yelled at the poor hapless cameraman.

"S-Sorry Marcia."  Bob apologised.

"It's Ms Marsay to you!"  She demanded before stalking away and slamming the door to her dressing room.

While things professionally for Kaya were looking up, Josh was still stuck in his never ending rut of painting one picture after another.
With all the luck she had been having lately Kaya decided she would try and share it around and resolved to help Josh get a foot on his chosen career ladder.

Employing her usual devious tactics she sent Josh on a fools errand to the supply store and invited over a local art appraiser.

"My this is an impressive range of work."  Tabby exclaimed, "And you say the artist has never shown his work to the public."

"Nope, just his family."  Kaya confirmed.

"I'd certainly be interested in putting a show together, can you arrange a meeting between us?"  Tabby asked.

"Oh that won't be necessary, I'm authorised to make the arrangements on his behalf."  Kaya fibbed.

"Excellent!  I'll arrange a space for the show and I'll have my people come over to collect the paintings."  Tabby agreed.

Kaya was thrilled with the result of her scheme but since Tabby wanted to collect the paintings she was going to have to let Josh in on the plan, but not until after the paintings had been delivered to the gallery, that way Josh couldn't wimp out.

"KAYA!"  Josh yelled after walking into his room and finding bare walls, "Where the hell are all my paintings?"  He demanded.

"OK don't freak out!"  Kaya said trying to calm him, "I kinda arranged for a showing."  She admitted.

"What!"  Josh yelled.
"Josh please!"  Kaya begged, "This is a good thing i promise."

"You had no right to do this Kaya."  Josh warned.

"I'm just trying to help you out."  She explained, "Tabby said that your paintings are excellent and she's confident that the show will sell out."

"Wait Tabby Banjera?"  Josh confirmed.

"You've heard of her?"  Kaya asked.

"She's a big deal, if she's putting on my show then i guess i might just owe you an apology."  Josh replied.

On the night of Josh's show Kaya accompanied him for moral support.

"Is it just me or does this place look like someones garage?"  Josh asked, wrinkling his nose in confusion.

"That's because it is darling."  Tabby replied, butting into their conversation, "So you are the fabulous artiste?"

"Y-yes that's me."  Josh replied, humbled in the presence of one of Bridgeport's finest art dealers.

"Well i must say you are extraordinarily talented."  Tabby told him, "Come i have lots of collectors i want you to meet."

Kaya excused herself and allowed Tabby to drag Josh around the room full of art buyers and critics.

"This is Star Bleu."  Tabby said gesturing to a young woman who was admiring one of Josh's paintings.

"Ah you are the artiste?"  Star confirmed.

Josh nodded uncomfortably, he wasn't used to anyone outside of his family seeing his work.

"This is fantastic."  Star continued, "Tell me the story behind this painting."

"I erm, the story?"  Josh asked.

"Well yes, every painting tells a tale don't you think?"  Star replied.

"Erm, yeah sure, i guess i painted this when i was thinking of someone i used to know."  Josh admitted.

"Well whoever the girl is, she obviously meant a lot to you."  Star observed, smiling.

Josh excused himself and hung back surveying the room full of Sims.  His palms were sweating from the nerves that he felt being surrounded by so many strangers and from having them appraise his work so blatantly.

"Dahling you simply must see this painting."  Tabby exclaimed, "It's post modern expressionism at it's finest!"

Josh had never felt more out of place in his life.

For as long as he could recall he had always thought of art as his escape, his own private therapy.  Now to have all these strangers invading his deepest feelings was too much to bear. 
He knew then that the life of an artiste was not for him.

Turning he searched frantically for the door, and then he saw her.
Standing alone at the bar, looking desperately out of place in her stunning gown was Poppy.

As Josh walked over to her he felt as though he was floating on air, such was the pull of emotions he felt towards her.

As he drew closer Poppy curled the corner of her mouth gently, unsure of how Josh would react to her presence.
Josh simply opened his arms as wide as he could and pulled her close.  To his pleasant surprise she did not pull away.

"I can't believe you're here."  Josh said.

"I saw a flier for your show and i just couldn't resist coming to see your show."  Poppy admitted.

"But i thought you moved away?"  Josh asked.

"I did."  Poppy nodded, "But i was offered a job a few months ago teaching at Bridgeport High, so I'm back."

"Why didn't you contact me?"  Josh asked, "I tried to see you so many times before you left but......."

"I didn't think you would want to see me Josh i mean after what happened."  Poppy admitted, hanging her head in shame.
"Come with me."  Josh said, "I want to show you something."

Taking her hand Josh lead Poppy towards one of his paintings.

"This is beautiful."  Poppy stated.

"It's me and you."  Josh revealed, "This is how i see us Poppy, together, in love."

"Even after all that happened?"  She asked hopefully.

"None of that was your fault."  Josh replied, "Nobody blames you."

"Great news Josh, we have a buyer for this piece!"  Tabby exclaimed, interrupting them.

"Sorry Tabby, but this one's not for sale."  Josh replied, "None of my work is, it's all too personal to me, i hope you'll understand?"

"Typical artiste!"  Tabby muttered before walking away.

"Now where were we?"  Josh asked.

Kaya walked into the office that morning to find Suarez with his head in his hands.

"What's wrong did they outlaw Gucci?"  Kaya joked.

"Very funny!"  Suarez replied, "No there's a potentially huge story about to break and i just don't have time to deal with it."

"Erm hello!  Isn't this why you hired me?"  Kaya retorted.

"No i hired you to run the blog, which you're doing fabulously by the way.  No this matter requires a more experienced reporter."  Suarez replied.

"What's the story?"  Kaya asked.
"I assume you've heard of Robson Colt?"  Suarez asked.

"Well yeah, i haven't been living under a rock!"  Kaya quipped.

Robson Colt was a superstar actor at the top of his game, but the rumour mill had recently kicked into overdrive following his very public spilt from his girlfriend, pop star Anais Roche.

"Word on the town is the reason his girlfriend ditched him is because he's batting for the other team."  Suarez revealed.

"He's gay?"  Kaya asked, surprised, "Well i guess the good looking ones always are."  She conceded.

"I got a tip from the bellboy down at the Chateau Simmont that he's holed up there trying to escape the press."  Suarez told her.

"Let me go and talk to him."  Kaya begged, "Come on Suarez please, i can be very persuasive when i need to be."

"I'm sure you can sweetie!"  Suarez replied, raising an eyebrow.

He seemed to be actually considering her offer so Kaya added, "It's better if i go, after all now your on TV everyday all the celebrities know not to tell you anything they don't want to get out.  If you send me he won't have a clue who i am."

"You've got a good point."  Suarez replied, stroking his chin in contemplation.  "OK, go down there and try to get into his room, if you can get this scoop Kaya you'll really have made it in this town."

"Oh i won't let you down."  Kaya smiled widely.


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