Monday, 20 June 2011

CHAPTER 5.6: You can't disguise those sweet little lies

Kaya arrived at the Chateau Simmont to find a bustling front desk, as crowds of Sims gathered around trying to check in and out.

She had set off without a plan in her mind and in truth had no idea how she was going to gain access to an A list celebrities room.  She guessed she could pose as a maid, but how was she going to find out which room he was in?  

Every scheme that formed in her mind reeked like a bad movie.

Suddenly out of the corner of her eye she spotted a familiar shock of auburn hair and her eyes focused in on her target, none other than Robson Colt who was making a dash for the elevator.
Kaya strode over, attempting to look as though she belonged here but underneath her heart was racing with adrenaline.
She had never been so nervous in her life.

"Excuse me."  She ventured, indicating that she needed to push the button to her floor.

Robson gestured for her to take his place and moved swiftly to the other side of the elevator.
Kaya pushed the button for the 28th floor noticing that Robson had selected the penthouse.

Swallowing she tried to calm her brain which was frantically searching for ways to initiate a conversation with him.

"Would it be terribly cheesy for me to ask if you come here often?"  A smooth as honey voice spoke up.

"A little."  Kaya smiled at Robson, "But I'll forgive you."

Kaya could feel the tension invading the elevator and her heart rate increased in turn.

"So i take it you're a regular at the Chateau?"  She asked.

Robson nodded, "I come here when i need to be discreet."  He replied, "Of course discretion isn't cheap."

All too soon the button flashed off and the familiar ping sounded as the elevator had reached the floor Kaya had selected.

"This is my floor."  She pointed out, "It was nice to meet you, sorry i didn't catch your name?"

Robson looked at her in mild amusement, could this girl really not know who i am?  He wondered.
Kaya stepped out of the elevator, her heart sinking.  She figured trying the whole "No! i don't know who you are Mr superstar" routine might of worked, but she supposed it was a bit far fetched in Bridgeport the town where it wasn't what you know but who you know that counted.

"I was just about to make myself a nightcap, if you'd care to join me?"  Robson called.

"Well i don't usually do this."  Kaya said, feigning uncertainty.

"I promise not to bite."  Robson offered, charmingly.

"OK, why not."  Kaya conceded, smiling to herself.
The view from the penthouse was spectacular and Kaya found her mouth hanging open in awe.

"I guess the view from my room is better than yours?"  Robson asked, noting her appreciation.

"Yeah, my room overlooks a car park."  Kaya lied.

"So do you like martini's?"  Robson asked.

"Love them."  Kaya lied once more, she had never drank a martini in her life, wasn't that reserved for James Bond?  She wondered.

She watched as Robson expertly mixed the drinks and accepted the cocktail glass he offered her.

The liquid was ice cool and easily the strongest drink she had ever tasted, she did her best not to cough it back up after the first taste instead saying, "Delicious!"

Following Robson over to the sitting area Kaya perched at the end of the couch away from him, wondering if she really could keep up the pretence of not recognising him?
"So do you live in Bridgeport?"  Robson asked.

"I'm just visiting."  Kaya replied, deciding to continue with her ruse "I'm a scientist and I'm working on a project at the moment."

Oh God, why did i say scientist?  She cursed herself, she could see Robson looking at her sceptically.
But scientists had been on her mind since Jackson left and it was the first thing that popped into her head.

"Wow, brains and beauty."  Robson observed.

Kaya felt her face flush at his compliment, she had felt a tension in the elevator but had misread it as Robson feeling awkward in case she was some deranged fan, but now she was certainly picking up a flirty vibe. 

Could THE Robson Colt be attracted to me?  She wondered, if that were true then Suarez was barking up the wrong tree with his scoop.

"So you mentioned that the Chateau is discreet, can i ask why you need it?  I mean you're not an international super spy are you?"  She laughed.

"I could tell you but then I'd have to kill you."  Robson smirked, "But seriously no I'm not a spy, I'm just trying to get some privacy."  He revealed.

"Oh?"  She retorted, not wanting to lead him away from his point.

"Cards on the table?"  He asked, and Kaya nodded, "I'm just going through a rough patch and i wanted to hide out until it blows over."

Kaya realised that Robson had bought her cover story and whats more, to her surprise, he seemed to be genuinely opening up to her.

"I'm sorry."  She mumbled.

"You know i came here to be alone but when i saw you i realised that it's the last thing that i need right now.  I'm glad you agreed to come up here."  He smiled sadly, melting Kaya's heart in the process.

She suddenly felt an overwhelming sense of guilt over the lie she had told Robson, he was obviously crushed over the breakup with his girlfriend and needed a friendly shoulder to cry on and here she was trying to get a story out of him. 

She had never though that trading on celebrity gossip was in someway cruel, after all celebrities weren't real people.  I mean they expected to be written about it was all part of their job, but sitting here now she realised that she was wrong.

Just as she was about to come clean over her lie.......

She noticed Robson shuffle over in his seat, moving closer to her.  As he did so he reached out his arm and placed it around her shoulder.

"I don't want to be alone tonight."  He whispered in her ear.

All Kaya could think was "Robson Colt is touching me!"  The words rang in her ears and mixed with the strong martini she had drank reverberating back to her brain that this was a good thing.
Smiling up at him she replied, "Well now you don't need to be."

Robson placed his arm around her waist and moved in to kiss her. 

As his lips brushed hers for the first time she felt underwhelmed to realise that Robson's kisses were sorely lacking compared to Jackson's, No!  get out of my head!  She demanded, trying to banish all thoughts of her ex.

Smiling she said, "Shall we continue this upstairs?"  After all what kind of idiot would she have to be to pass up the chance of sleeping with a sex symbol like Robson? 
And she was kind of completing her assignment i mean she could definitely report to Suarez that Robson was straight, all in all she figured it was a win win.

The next morning Kaya turned on her cell phone to find a dozen missed calls from Suarez and a number of texts demanding to know if she had the story.

She text him back to say that the lead had not panned out as planned and that she would see him at the office later.
"Come back to bed."  Robson purred.

Kaya smiled, what was a girl to say when the number one most eligible bachelor in the City asked you that question?
Kaya turned up at work later that day to be greeted by a less than happy Suarez.

"Kaya!  Where's my scoop?"  He demanded, "Your text said there was a hitch, what's going on?"

"Nothing Suarez, i met with Robson and well, your information is wrong."  Kaya advised him.

"Wrong?  What do you mean?"

"I mean he isn't gay!"  Kaya replied.

"Then what is he hiding?"  Suarez retorted.

"As far as i can tell, it's just a broken heart."  Kaya replied.

"Well that won't have the blogisphere buzzing."  Suarez frowned, "You're sure there wasn't anything you missed?"

"Oh no Suarez, i covered every angle."  Kaya smiled.

Kaya headed home after an uncomfortable day at work with Suarez who was constantly trying to get information on Robson from her.  All she wanted was a nice glass of chardonnay and a hot bath but instead she was greeted by the pyjama clad sight of Poppy smooching her brother in the kitchen.

"Cough, cough!"  She cleared her throat loudly.

"Oops, sorry didn't see you there."  Josh apologised.

"So i guess you're back?"  Kaya asked Poppy.

"Y-yes."  She answered nervously, feeling suddenly uncomfortable.

"Actually Kay we've got some news."  Josh announced, "We're engaged!"

Kaya stared at Josh agog.  One minute he's too depressed to function in normal society and the next he's getting married.  It was all so sudden.

But when she saw the goofy expression on his face her heart softened.

"Congratulations!"  She smiled, "You know what this means right?"  She asked addressing Poppy.

"W-what?"  The girl asked nervously.

"Batchelorette party!"  Kaya beamed.
The night before the wedding the Traytor girls and Traytor to be Poppy gathered upstairs to style the brides hair and help her chose a dress, while the boys partied downstairs.

"Oh you're going to look so perfect Poppy."  Lilah gushed, she was clearly loving the romance of the celebrations.

"Thank you Lilah."  Poppy replied, "Actually i was wondering if you would like to be my bridesmaid?  You and Lexie?" 
"Really?"  Lilah asked, almost bursting with excitement, "Oh my God Poppy you're the best sister-in-law ever!"

"I'd rather not."  Lexie retorted.

"Lexie!"  Iris chided, "That's very rude."

"I'm sorry, but it's just not my thing."  Lexie shrugged.

"It's no problem."  Poppy replied waving it off.
Downstairs was a rather more raucous affair!

"Dad what are you doing with that bottle?"  Josh asked eyeing Cody suspiciously.

"What bottle?"  Cody quipped, "Oh you mean this one?"


The boys had a roaring night, consuming far too much alcohol, at one point Josh even tended bar!

Iris found Josh and Cody the next morning passed out on the floor and sent them both off for a cold shower.

They weren't the only ones waking up to a hangover as Kaya found when she tried to get up too quickly.  Damn champagne!  She cursed silently.
She felt as rough as sandpaper and sick to her stomach to boot, but she had her duty as maid of honour to perform and reluctantly forced herself to get ready.
Josh and poppy had elected to wed in the new Traytor garden which Iris had adorned with a beautiful, traditional wedding arch just for the occasion.

There was a mixture of emotions as the family gathered to watch the vows.

From excitement.
To cynicism.

And pure overwhelming pride.

As Josh and Poppy exchanged rings Kaya noted the look of sheer joy on each of their faces. 

Her heart swelled with sorrow as she realised that this would never be her and Jackson, they would never get their fairytale ending because she had sent him away.
She had made him believe that he meant nothing to her, when the truth was he meant everything.

As much as she had enjoyed her night of passion with Robson, his kiss, his touch, his smile couldn't compare to Jackson's and she began to feel that she would never find anyone who could match up to her first love.
Standing in the midday sun Kaya felt a wave of nausea hit her, excusing herself from the wedding party she ventured inside to cool off.

Man this hangover is really punishing me!  She thought.

Grabbing a cold bottle of soda from the fridge she took a large swig, but instead of feeling refreshed she felt a new wave of nausea pass through her and clutching her hand to her mouth she ran towards the bathroom.
Kaya sat at her desk the following week. 

Suarez was on count down to the Sims in Journalism awards which were taking place that weekend and had been MIA from the office all day, "Getting my roots done."  He had told her.

Getting his botox done more like!  Kaya figured.

She took a swig from her coffee mug, usually the rich tasting liquid would perk her up but today the liquid tasted like sour milk in her mouth and she spat it back into the cup. 

As she did so she felt the familiar lurch in her stomach and gagged, Kaya tried to hold herself back but she knew it was no use, she was about to throw up yet again.

Clutching her hand over her mouth she headed as fast as she could out of her office towards the ladies room, but as she approached the door to Marcia's dressing room, she realised she wasn't going to make it.

Without stopping to ponder if she was doing the wrong thing Kaya pushed open the dressing room door. 

She had expected to find an empty room but as Kaya headed towards Marcia's private bathroom she could hear giggles coming from the other side.

Realising that Marcia was not alone Kaya frantically searched for an alternative.

And spied the garbage can sitting innocently in the corner of the room.

Rushing over she snatched it up and proceeded to fill it!

"What the hell!  Is someone out there?"  She heard Marcia's shrill tones demanding.

Swiftly retuning the garbage can to its home Kaya edged towards the door, but Marcia was too quick for her and as she flung open the bathroom door Kaya could see exactly who Marcia had been entertaining in there.

"What the hell do think you are doing in my room?"  Marcia demanded, clearly seething over the imposition.

But all Kaya could do was stare open mouthed at Robson who returned her gaze with a much more impassive glare.

"Well don't just stand there gawping get the hell out!"  Marcia yelled stamping her foot and gesturing furiously at the door.

"S-Sorry."  Kaya managed.

"You will be, I'll have you fired for this!"  Marcia threatened.

"Good God what on Earth is that smell?"  Kaya heard Marcia complain as she walked from the room.

Staggering into the hallway the room began to spin and Kaya felt even more light headed than she did before. 
Her head was buzzing from what had just happened and the sight of Robson half naked in Marcia's bathroom.

She started to make her way back to her office but before she could enter the room Robson rushed over to her, grabbing Kaya by her elbow and dragging her onto the empty set of Morning Coffee.

"What the heck?  Get off me!"  Kaya yelled, "What are you doing here?"

"What am I doing here?"  Robson retorted, "I didn't realise that morning TV required scientific research."  He sneered.

"What were you doing in Marcia's dressing room?"  Kaya demanded, brushing off his snide remark.

"Use your imagination."  Robson said harshly.

"So that night at the Chateau you weren't hurting over your breakup with Anais at all were you?"  Kaya asked, "You were just pretending to be cut up to get me into bed."

"Oh don't play the injured victim."  Robson retorted, "You knew fine well who i was when you walked into that elevator.  Marcia told me you're a reporter for Suarez Symton, you were just trying to get a story out of me."

"Well I've certainly got my story now."  Kaya replied defiantly, "Tell me did you dump Anais for Marcia or did she find out what a scumbag you are and dump you first?"
"Don't mess with me."  Robson threatened quietly, "You think you're the first reporter to try and fool me?  You print a word of what you witnessed in that dressing room and I'll sue you, I'll take every simoleon you have."

"You don't scare me."  Kaya replied, folding her arms, "Maybe Marcia will be interested in finding out exactly who she's getting involved with."

"You say anything to Marcia about us and it'll be a big mistake."  Robson replied calmly.

"What are you gonna do?"  Kaya retorted, sarcastically.

Kaya recoiled as she saw Robson's whole demeanour change, the calm, smug look on his face slipped away like melted wax and he raised his palm in anger.

Kaya flinched but she was too slow and Robson's palm connected flatly against her cheek.
"No one threatens me, certainly not some jumped up little tramp like you."  Robson snarled, "Keep your mouth shut and your nose out of my business or you will regret it."

Robson turned on his heel and stalked off the closed set leaving Kaya red faced and teary eyed.



Denisa said...

First I laughed so bad, but now I'm getting scared by this guy! Please don't tell me that Kaya will have a baby with him!

Anonymous said...

D: Don't worry Kay I'll protect you.

*runs and gets a pair of scissors*


Anonymous said...

LOL Minty! Better not mess with you ;)

Denisa - I on;t know what will happen but Kaya has been pretty sick ;)

Denisa said...

You said it just like one of my teachers :p

Denisa: Miss, what's the answers to the first exercise? :D
My teacher: I don't know, I didn't learn for today ;]

I hate when people say something like this, but it's the sweetest way to lie <3

Mint Kiss said...

Clearly Kaya has the flu... *denial* lol

The wedding was precious though :]

Anonymous said...

lol it cracks me up everytime i see my comment because my RL last name is Robson :P

TestingChamber said...

Lol minty >.>

Poor Kaya

PiB said...

Robson is a very handsome fellow.

I love how the scoop worked out.

The marriage was very lovely - and the bachelor party heaps of fun.

Umm, yeah, that's one illness that we know the duration of, isn't it? :)

Denisa said...

Quick question: How do you this: ?
My simmies have never done this before! :[

Anonymous said...

you use the 'make a move' interaction, but they need a certain level of relationship to do it

Denisa said...

Thank you :]

Scones For Cream Tea said...

I hope Jackson shoots him with a laser. (Which Ocelot would totally lend him)

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Anonymous said...

Scones - i'll be awaiting the laser in the post ;)

Minty - thanks for fielding questions :) I wouldn't have known the answer.