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CHAPTER 5.7: What doesn't kill you makes you stronger

Kaya's face stung from the slap which Robson had registered across it.  Although there was no mark to be evidenced the damage was well and truly done and Robson's threat had hit his intended mark. 

Kaya knew that there was no way she was going to leak a story about Robson and Marcia now.  It just wasn't worth the hassle, and to add insult to injury Kaya was certain that a red face wasn't all that her night with Robson had cost her.
Even though she had thrown up virtually every day since that night her once taut stomach was now ever so slightly rounded and a home testing kit confirmed her fears.

She was expecting Robson's child.
Her designer dresses no longer fit and she had to resort to borrowing a pair of leggings from Lexie and a beach cover-up from her Mom to wear to work.

Surveying her reflection Kaya pondered what Suarez's reaction to her new image would be. 
It was a cardinal sin in the world of showbiz to gain any weight whatsoever and taking time out for maternity leave was virtually unheard of. 

Kaya sighed, she feared that all her hard work on the blog would end up counting for nothing.

When Kaya walked into the office she realised that her appearance may not be the only cause that Suarez had to fire her, as Marcia had wasted no time in reporting her behaviour.

"She threw up in my garbage can!"  Marcia wailed, "I swear if you don't fire that little skank."

"You'll what honey?"  Suarez asked, rolling his eyes at Marcia, "You don't have any say over who i hire."

"Well we'll see what the producer of Morning Coffee has to say about that."  Marcia retorted, crossing her arms in defiance.

"You can run and tell whoever you like but remember this Aleesha Mae Broke, i know all about you and where you're from and i don't just mean your real name."  Suarez threatened.

"You wouldn't."  Marcia yelled, angrily.

"I gave you my word that the details of your trailer park upbringing would stay hidden from my blog and I'll stick to it, as long as you get your bony ass outta my office and never try to tell me what to do again."  Suarez offered.

"I swear if you write any of that."  Marcia began, trailing off at the sight of Kaya who was sitting listening to their exchange as though it were a soap opera.

"Stay out of my dressing room!"  Marcia yelled at Kaya, before storming from the office.

"Phew!"  Suarez cried, flopping into his chair as though he had just gone ten rounds with Mike Tyson, "Please tell me the part about you throwing up in her garbage can is true."  He smiled.

"It's true!"  Kaya replied.

"I don't even wanna know why or how that came about but do me a favour and stay out of her way OK?"  Suarez pleaded.

"I'm sorry Suarez, it won't happen again."  Kaya swore.

"Honey what is this?"  Suarez asked, pointing at her outfit and squinting his eyes in displeasure.
Kaya paused, she supposed she could lie to Suarez and say her washing machine was on the fritz but in a couple of months time she wouldn't be able to make up any more excuses.

"I, erm.  I'm pregnant."  She announced.

"What!"  Suarez cried, in shock, "But how?  I mean when?  I mean who?  Honey dish."  He begged.

"It's fairly early days."  Kaya informed him, "And it happened in the usual way."

"And the who?"  Suarez pressed.

"Robson Colt."  Kaya murmured, biting her nails to try and conceal her response.
"You told me there was no scoop!"  Suarez yelled.

"That's your first response?"  Kaya laughed.

"It's business first pleasure later."  Suarez winked, "Although i guess you've been mixing the two.  So have you told him yet, OMG are you going to marry him?  I get exclusive access though right?"

"Whoa, slow down Suarez.  You've got the wrong idea, it was just a one night stand, we aren't together.  In fact Robson is already seeing someone."  Kaya told him, instantly wishing she could take her last statement back.

"So you do have some dirt on him."  Suarez proclaimed, "Spill."

"I can't."  Kaya frowned, wishing that he would drop this but knowing that he would not.

"You can and you will if you value this job."  Suarez replied.

"Suarez please, you know i love working for you but i just can't say anything, it's more than my life is worth."  Kaya pleaded.

Suarez noted the fear in Kaya's words and narrowed his eyes, "What am i missing here?"  He asked, "Did something happen?"

Kaya felt the tears well up in her eyes and she bit down on her lip not wanting to reveal what Robson had done to her but desperately wishing to unburden her heavy heart.  Sighing she filled Suarez in on everything that had transpired.

"He hit you!"  Suarez yelled perturbed by the tale Kaya had told, "You have to warn Marcia what she's getting herself into, Kaya he could hurt her next."

"I can't."  Kaya shook her head, "He threatened me Suarez, he said if i told her about me and him that i would regret it."

"Well we can't just sit back and do nothing."  Suarez replied angrily.

"I don't want to do nothing, believe me i want to kick his sorry ass, but i have to think about this baby I'm carrying.  If anything were to happen to it i just couldn't forgive myself."  Kaya replied.

"What if Marcia didn't find out about how Robson treated you?"  Suarez proposed, "What if she got her information from another source?"'

"You can't tell her Suarez, he knows i work for you it'll be too obvious."  Kaya cried.

"No, not me."  Suarez shook his head, "I think I've been going after this breakup story all wrong, i focused on Robson when i should have tracked down Anais and got her version of events."

"You think that's why she broke up with him?"  Kaya asked.

"Well you're about to find out."  Suarez replied,
"Anais is in training for her next world tour.  I hear she can be found most days down at the Bridgeport Spa and Gym.  Head over there and see if you can convince her to tell the truth about Robson.  Not only will we have the biggest scoop of the year, but we'll have outed an abusive jerk in the process."

Kaya arrived at the gym to find Anais working on her dance routines.  Taking a deep breath she exhaled slowly and opened the door.

"Excuse me, Anais?"  Kaya began.

"Hey!"  Anais smiled, switching effortlessly into star mode and painting on a smile for who she assumed to be a fan. "I'm sorry i don't have a pen."

"What?  Oh no I'm not after an autograph."  Kaya explained, "I work for Suarez Symton."

"Oh, you're press."  Anais concluded, her smile turning instantly to a frown, "No comment."

"Wait you don't understand."  Kaya replied, "It's about Robson."

"Look i already told you no comment, do i have to call my body guard?"  Anais threatened.

"Please, just hear me out."  Kaya begged, "I know why you left him."

Anais narrowed her eyes at Kaya's claim, "You don't know what you're talking about."  She said dismissively.

"I know he has a violent temper and i know he doesn't think twice about raising his hand to a woman."  Kaya replied.

Anais shifted her gaze to the floor and asked, "How do you know that?"

"Because i got on the wrong side of him."  Kaya answered her softly.

"I'm sorry."  Anais sniffed, clearly upset by Kaya's story.

"He needs to be uncovered for what he really is."  Kaya continued, "Now i could tell my story but I'm just some blogger, no one will believe me.  But if you were to........"

"No way."  Anais interrupted, "You don't know what you're asking of me."

"I understand it's scary, but you got away from him, he can't hurt you anymore."  Kaya replied.

"You don't know how long it took me to get away from him, i just don't want to relive it."  Anais sobbed.

"Think about your fans."  Kaya prompted, "They might be going through the very same situation and maybe they just need to know that they can get out."

"I don't know if I'm strong enough."  Anais shook her head.
"Anais you've built your career on being an independent, strong woman."  Kaya said, taking her by both arms and forcing her to listen, "Remember your first single."

"Girls rule."  Anais replied.

"Exactly!  You can do this."  Kaya encouraged.

"I'll only talk to you though, not Suarez."  Anais agreed.

Kaya listened back to the recording of Anais's interview, some of the stories she had told made her seethe with anger while others made her tear up.  One thing was clear that Robson liked to control women by any means necessary.

Putting the finishing touches to the article she e-mailed it to Suarez who, much to his disliking was going to pass it on to another journalist who would take responsibility for publishing the story, that way Robson wouldn't be able to trace it back to Kaya.

Standing up, she rubbed her swelling stomach and said a silent prayer for her unborn child to never have to know the truth surrounding it's creation and for his or her father to never of it's existence.

8 months later...............................

Kaya was officially too huge to work, Suarez had sent her home telling her, "Sweetie no one wants to look at a beached whale all day!"

But being stuck at home was driving her nuts.  She was too big to sleep comfortably, too big to fit in the shower cubicle and far too big to fit into any of her clothes. 
Iris had tried to persuade her to buy some maternity wear but the very thought of wearing an elasticated waist band brought Kaya out in a rash.

Her one saving grace was having the twins and her Mom and Dad around to fuss over her and to take out her severe mood swings on, but that was about to change.

Iris received the phone call from Charlie late that night.

"Oh Mom!"  She wept into the phone, "We'll be there as soon as we can."  She promised.

Finlay and Charlie were both getting on in years which had prevented them from travelling back to Bridgeport from their home in France as often as they wanted. 

Finn's health had declined rapidly over the last few months and he now walked with the aid of a cane.

The huge staircase at their house was a challenge for Finn but he had refused Charlie's pleas to get a stair lift insisting that he was "Still as fit as i ever was."

That night however his legs gave way.
Charlie found him later that night, but there was nothing she could do to help him. 

Finn was already gone.

"Mom what is it?"  Kaya asked, taking in the sight of Iris's tear stained face.

"Oh sweetheart I'm sorry to tell you this in your condition, but Grandpa Finn has passed away."  Iris replied.

"Mom, I'm so sorry."  Kaya cried, "How is Grandma taking it?"

"Not well."  Iris shook her head, "She needs help to organise everything and, well we're all going to France for the funeral."

"But i can't travel, it's too close to my due date!"  Kaya cried.
"Kaya i know that and I'm sorry but as many of us need to be there to bury Grandpa as possible, its the right thing to do."  Iris reasoned, "You'll be fine on your own, just continue to rest and I'll be back in time for the delivery i promise."

Kaya felt anger building up inside her, mostly over the frustration she was feeling that her beloved Grandpa was gone and she was stuck here like the beached whale she had become!

But she realised that there was no getting around what had to be done so she said, "Tell Grandma i love her."


Two days after the rest of the family had left for France Kaya found herself pacing the hallway at the top of the stairs. 

Her feet ached under the stress of carrying her swollen ankles and belly and her back was screaming out "i need a massage!" 

So this is why women wait until they are married to have a baby, Kaya thought, so they always have someone to rub their aching joints!

As she smiled wryly to herself she heard a small shattering noise coming from downstairs.

"H-hello?"  She called out, tentatively, "Is anyone there?"

Her cries elicited no reply.

Rubbing her hand over her belly protectively Kaya edged closer to the staircase trying to peer to the bottom, but the circular design yielded only a poor view of the downstairs rooms.

Taking a deep breath she said "Come on Kaya keep it together."  and headed downstairs to investigate.
 Each step she took down the wooden staircase she made a loud clacking noise with her heels which echoed throughout the otherwise silent house.
As she reached the bottom Kaya exhaled, realising that she had been holding in her breath. 

She could hear her heart beating in her eardrums as she ventured forwards to the kitchen and the source of the shattering glass.
There he stood, bold as brass in her kitchen, the glass from the shattered window scattered on the floor all around him.

Kaya noted the surprise on his face at being discovered, the burglar clearly thought that the house was empty.

"G-Get out."  She threatened weakly.

Scrambling in her pocket she located her phone and began to furiously jab out the number for the Bridgeport Police Department.

Seeing this spurred the burglar into action and he lurched forward, knocking the phone out of her hand and shattering it on the tiled floor.
"P-please don't hurt me."  She whimpered.

"You alone?"  The man demanded, gruffly.

Kaya swallowed hard and nodded her head.

"Give me all your cash."  He commanded.

"I-I don't k-keep any in the house."  Kaya replied, her voice wavering under the fear that this man was here to hurt her and her baby.

"Don't mess with me lady."  The man shouted, raising his hand to Kaya in a threatening manner.

She flinched on reflex and yelled, "Please don't hurt my baby."

"Just give me the money and I'll leave you alone."  The man offered.

"Take whatever you want but i swear to you there's no cash in the house."  Kaya pleaded.

She could see the anger in the man's face, he hadn't bargained on being interrupted in the house and now he was learning that there was nothing quick that he could grab and run with.  He took another menacing step closer to Kaya.
Her first response was to step back in fear of what he was about to do to her.  Thoughts of Robson and his attack replayed through her head and Kaya felt anger of her own building up.  Anger at the injustice of it all and everything crappy that had happened to her and her family recently and now this, she thought.

Then she remembered Anais, and how brave she had been to tell her story and to escape from the abusive relationship she had shared with Robson and Kaya felt her own strength regain.

As the man reached out to grab her she smacked his arm away and yelled, "Does it make you feel good to threaten a girl?"

The man looked at her in surprise at her sudden outburst.

"You're just some worthless criminal, coming here to take our hard earned money well i hope you rot in jail!"  Kaya yelled.

Suddenly she felt an overwhelming sense of pressure across her abdomen and a shooting pain followed it.  She became very aware that her feet were wet and looking down she realised that her waters had broke, she was in labour!

Clutching her stomach she wailed in pain as the urge to push over took all her other senses.

"Oh my baby is coming!"  She yelled.

"Lady you're crazy!"  The man yelled, before turning and fleeing from the scene of his almost crime.

"Wait!"  Kaya called after him, "I can't do this on my own."

Reaching for the counter she steadied herself trying to remember all the breathing exercises her Mom had taught her, but her mind was too busy racing with the encounter she had just endured and she couldn't recall a thing.

This was why mothers had birthing partners!  She realised.

Grabbing her phone she dialled for an ambulance and tried to remain as calm as possible under the circumstances.


After the longest 24 hours of her life Kaya eventually gave birth to a healthy baby girl who she named Morgan.

She was born with the virtuoso trait and, unsurprisingly given her traumatic arrival, the neurotic trait.

Two years later.............

Kaya watched on happily as her little sister recited her wedding vows under a beautiful, flower adorned arch.

After the rough few years that she had endured, from bringing Morgan into the world all alone to finding out that her Grandma Charlie had passed away on the very same day as her daughters birth, Kaya was glad to have something so joyous to celebrate.
Lilah looked every inch the princess that she had always dreamed of becoming, and Liam played the part of the dashing prince perfectly promising to always love and cherish her.

Even Lexie couldn't help but rejoice at the sight of her twin sister so blissfully happy.
Kaya smiled, her two little sisters had grown so much, but both were still as different as chalk and cheese though.

Lilah's first thoughts on graduating high school were of marriage and babies, while Lexie had shocked the whole family by turning up to her graduation with a drastically shorter and spiky hair cut.

Of course Iris and Cody soon forgave her, as they stood the proudest parents of all that day, listening to Lexie make her valedictorian speech.  She had chosen to pursue a career in the police force having been spurred on by the story of the intruder which Kaya had faced off against.

The police had found no finger prints at the house and for all they knew the burglar was still out there, "I'm going to specialise in DNA profiling."  Lexie had declared, "I will catch the S.O.B."
Kaya had hardly the time to ponder on how her fate might of differed if she hadn't gone into premature labour that day, she was far too busy staring endlessly at her baby daughter and marvelling at how perfect and tiny she was.

She took to motherhood with her usual aplomb, tackling the early morning feeds and dirty diapers like a hardened professional.  But that's not to say that she didn't heavily rely on her family and their support.

Kaya had returned to work just two weeks after giving birth, she knew that if she stayed out of the loop for too long she would soon be forgotten and she couldn't risk losing the career she had built up.
"Kaya we need to talk to you."  Iris ventured as Cody stood nervously in the background.

"What's up Mom?"

"Your father and i have decided to go on vacation."  Iris told her.

"Oh, well enjoy!"  Kaya replied.

"Actually Kay, vacation is probably the wrong word."  Cody interrupted, "You see ever since me and your Mom first met it's always been our dream to go and see the world, sleep under the stars and be at one with nature."

"Ew are you going to some kind of naturist resort?"  Kaya asked wrinkling her nose at the thought of her parents in the all together.

"No sweetheart."  Iris laughed, "What your Father means is that we are going on an extended vacation in fact we're not sure when we'll be back."

"You're leaving Bridgeport?  But what about Morgan?"  Kaya demanded.

Iris smiled to hear Kaya think of her daughters needs before her own, she had really done a U-turn from the self centred little madam she once was.

"We won't be gone permanently."  She reassured her, "But we always promised ourselves that we would live our dream before we got too old."

"Well i guess i can't begrudge you wanting that."  Kaya replied, "You will call though right?"

"Of course!"  Iris replied enveloping her in a big hug.

"What about you Lexie are you abandoning me too?"  Kaya asked.

"Are you kidding me?  As if i could afford my own place on the rookie's wages I'm making!"  Lexie retorted.

"Then i guess it's just us girls from now on."  Kaya smiled.
A couple of months after her parents had left on their world adventure, Kaya received an impromptu visit from Suarez.

"Don't tell me you've come to hold the baby?"  Kaya asked sarcastically, knowing Suarez's aversion to all things childlike.

"Well i do hear that a baby is this years must have accessory."  He quipped, "But no, I've come to rescue you from this pile of nappies and stale stench of sick."  He exaggerated, glancing scathingly around the room.

"Oh Suarez you do have such a lovely way with words."  Kaya exclaimed, her tongue firmly in cheek.

"It's time you started living like a normal twenty something Sim so I'm taking you to this fantastic club opening down town."
"I don't really feel like it."  Kaya said, looking at her feet.

The truth was that she had barely set foot outside of the house since Morgan was born, other than to go to work and her sisters graduation ceremony.  Kaya was terrified that someone would put two and two together and realise that Morgan was Robson's child.

Although, since the article about his tempestuous relationship with Anais was laid bare for the world to see, Robson had hardly been seen. 
When the story first broke he'd tried to deny it, but soon other women had come out of the shadows and told their own stories of his now legendary temper.  His acting work had dried up and there wasn't an actress in town who was willing to star alongside him.

Lately though, Kaya had been hearing rumours that Robson was all set to make a return to acting as he had managed to land a part in a new TV pilot which was currently in production.

"Come on Kay, you are dangerously close to becoming one of those women who only talk about their kids all day, God forbid!"  Suarez crossed himself as though she had committed a mortal sin.

"Go on Kaya, I'll watch Morgan."  Lexie grinned, seeing her sister squirming uncomfortably.  She knew it was just the push Kaya needed to stop living her life under some kind of black cloud.

"Well OK, but there had better be free champagne."  Kaya conceded.

When they arrived at the club Suarez was instantly distracted by the sight of Lulu Marks the infamous fashion designer who was courting the press cameras on the red carpet.

"Go into the VIP and order the drinks."  He instructed Kaya promising to be right along.

But when Kaya tried to gain access the bouncer looked her up and down and demanded that she, "step aside and let the celebrities in."

Kaya looked on in embarrassment as the other guests paraded through the doors to the club.
Turning she began to slope towards the door to hail a taxi.

"Not so fast Missy!"  Suarez shouted, spying her escape attempt.

"The bouncer won't let me in."  Kaya moaned.

"Come with me."  Suarez announced, grabbing her arm and leading her back towards the VIP entrance.

"Suarez!"  The bouncer exclaimed, "Oh is she with you?  I'm sorry i didn't recognise her."

"Well you better remember this face."  Suarez replied, gesturing to Kaya, "Because soon everyone will know it!"
Once they were safely installed in the VIP area with champagne glasses in their hands Kaya asked, "What did you mean back there?  Why will everyone know my face soon?"

"I'm leaving Morning Coffee."  Suarez announced.

"What?  But you can't leave."  Kaya frowned.

"Honey I've been offered a new gig, my very own show!"  Suarez replied, "And i told the producers that there was only one person who could take my place."

"Me?"  Kaya replied, excitedly.

"Of course you!"  Suarez revealed, "It's not official yet but lets just say the producers love you!"

"What about Marcia?"  Kaya asked, knowing that her nemesis would not be OK with the situation.

"Just between you and me the producers are looking for a way of getting her out, she's too demanding and she's pushing 40."  He mouthed dramatically as though Marcia had an infectious disease.

"You think they're trying to make her quit?"  Kaya asked.

"Look don't worry about her, just focus on doing a great job of taking over the entertainment slot and you're a shoe in for Marcia's job when it becomes available."  Suarez advised.

Kaya sipped her champagne and let the light bubbly liquid slide down her throat.  All of her hard work was about to pay dividends, this gig could be just what she needed to get her life back on track.



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