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CHAPTER 1.7: Hellos and Goodbyes

It had been difficult for Jonny and the Traytors to catch a break. 

After Suzy, the record exec from Bridgeport Records was done she had bad mouthed Jonny all over town, and nowhere was willing to give his new band a chance.

But he was not about to give up on his dreams easily.

The band would spend every day busking all over town, from parks to subway stations.

They made enough money to get by, but for Jonny it did not compare to the feeling of performing live on stage.

One day their persistence finally paid when they were spotted playing by Galen Darby.

Galen was a pianist who held a regular spot at the ultra cool Banzai Lounge, he had just been offered a spot on a ten city tour and was looking for an act to fill in for him.

"Hey man i really like your sound."  He told Jonny.
"If you're interested i could hook you up with a weekly spot."

Jonny liked the sound of this but he hesitated, he had gotten close to getting gigs before but once they found out who he was they made up any excuse to get away. 

He figured he should be straight with Galen.

"We are definitely interested but i think you should know who i am." He explained.

"Man are you kidding of course i know who you are, you're the famous Jonny Traytor!" Galen exclaimed.
"I remember seeing you with Hot Fuss for the first time, man it blew my mind!"

Galen explained that he and the owner of Banzai Lounge went back a long way and he was sure that he would be as into the idea of Jonny and the Traytors playing as he was.

They agreed to meet at the club later to audition for the spot.

The girls were really nervous, this was their first gig that had really mattered. 

But Jonny relished every moment he was on stage and after they had performed they were offered a weekly slot.

Things were going well for Jonny both professionally and privately, as he and Leila grew closer with each day.

They would often take time out from the band and spend it just the two of them.

They couldn't afford fancy restaurants so they would make do with a romantic walk by the old port.

Jonny had never felt so content, as he looked up at the night sky a million stars shone above them, but none of them were as beautiful as Leila.

When he looked into her eyes that night he knew without a doubt that she was the one. 

As he got down on one knee he felt the fear of rejection rear its ugly head again, but  the smile on Leila's face said it all and she wasted no time in accepting his proposal.

They could neither afford nor did they want a big wedding so they simply said their vows the next day with only Asha and Taylor as witnesses.
On the night of the wedding Leila had something to ask her new husband and she was afraid of his reaction.
Leila wanted Jonny to change her that night, she begged him, "Jonny please, I just want us to be in this together.  I want us to be the same."

But Jonny shook his head. 

He still recalled vividly the pain he had felt the day he had changed, and he could not bring himself to inflict such agony on Leila.  She was too important to him.

She eventually agreed that she would drop the subject, for now, and they spent their first night together as husband and wife.
It wasn't long until Leila started to feel unwell each morning, and a home test revealed that she was pregnant.

She was worried that Jonny would be unhappy as although the band was working regularly they were still a long way from the success she knew he craved.

But Jonny had been thrilled, he fussed over his new wife and constantly talked to her ever expanding tummy.
Leila managed to work right up to her due date, luckily the bass hid her huge tummy well!
On the day she went into labour Leila was calm, she couldn't wait to meet her baby.

She hoped it was a boy who would look just like Jonny.

And her wish was granted twice over as they were blessed with twin boys.

The eldest was Blake,

Who grew up to hate the outdoors and was also clumsy!

Next up was Bobby,

Who grew up to be both good and a virtuoso.

With two toddlers and four adults sharing, the house soon became cramped.

However Taylor had some news for them.

She had met Morris at Banzai Lounge after one of their gigs and they had hit it off instantly. 

He loved music and he loved Taylor.

And that was all she had needed to know, so when he popped the question she of course said yes.

Taylor moved out to the suburbs with Morris but she remained part of the band, although Jonny worried that her heart wasn't really in it any longer.

It turned out to be the least of his worries.

Galens tour was finished and he was back in town.

But he wasn't back to take his weekly slot at the Banzai Lounge back, he had been asked to be the warm up act on tour with Lola Belle the biggest star around!

The Banzai Lounge gig was small fry for Galen now, what he really wanted in Bridgport was Asha.

Being the warm up act on such a huge tour gave Galen the opportunity to get out from behind his keyboard and perform centre stage, but he needed a keyboard player to take his place.
Asha was flattered that he had thought of her, but she wondered if it was only her skills on the keyboard he was interested in. 

Galen assured her that the offer was strictly a professional one. 

Asha accepted his offer but was secretly a little sad that he didn't want more from their relationship, she had always fancied him.

Asha felt terrible about quitting the band but she knew that opportunities like this were rare and she would be a fool to turn it down. 

Leila agreed.

She was happy for her friend, however she knew that Jonny wasn't taking the news well.

But to his credit he kept those feelings hidden from Asha and Galen and graciously shook their hands and wished them well as they left.

Later Leila comforted Jonny. 

"I know things haven't worked out the way you planned" she said "But at least now we can be a family, just the four of us."

Jonny smiled and kissed Leila, he realised she thought he was upset that the band had broken up but all he could think of was how they were going to afford to eat with two hungry mouths to feed and no money coming in.

What Jonny didn't realise was that the number of mouths he had to feed was about to increase to five!


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