Saturday, 26 February 2011

What's eating Theo Singer?

Hi readers!  This is not really a chapter of the legacy, so sorry there are no pictures!  But i needed to fill in some details about Theo and the whole Jessica situation so this is just a little look at things from Theo's perspective.  You never know you may even feel sorry for him at the end?

Life had not been kind to Theo Singer.

When he was younger he had been something of a prodigy, excelling in all his classes at school.  But this, unfortunately left him the subject of ridicule from his class mates who shunned Theo, making his life a misery with their constant taunting.

He had turned his back on academics hoping that this would help him make friends, but the damage to his reputation had already been done.  He grew up a loner and an outsider never really fitting anywhere.

It wasn't until he started working for Dr Kaminski that he discovered the world of vampires, sure he had read the stories in the papers like everyone else, he had heard all his colleagues gossiping about the glowing eyed monsters that had moved to Bridgeport, but he hadn't believed a word of it.

But that all changed one day.  

He had been sent by Dr Kaminski to the hospital to collect some samples for a study he was undertaking.  As he passed by the blood bank he heard a startling guttural sound coming from inside.  

When he pushed open the door he saw a woman hunched over on the floor, it appeared that the noise was coming from her.

As Theo edged closer the woman looked up at him and snarled a low deep growl, her eyes were glowing bright red but she seemed too weak to move.  He noticed that her skin was smoking as though she had been badly burned. 

"You need blood."  He stated. 

He grabbed the nearest bag of blood and tore it open, he cautiously approached the creature and started to feed her.

The vampire drank quickly with a ravenous hunger he had never seen before, the rate at which she healed was remarkable. 

When she had sated her thirst she sat up, "Thank you." She simply said then she ran from the room at such speed that Theo hardly had chance to shout out "Wait!"

But he was too late, the vampire had vanished.

After his chance encounter Theo started to research everything he could find about vampires.  He wanted to know all he could about their powers, the speed, the healing. 

If only he could possess such powers then no one would ever dare to make fun of him again, instead they would all cower in his presence as he took his revenge. 

But all those years that he turned his back on his studies had left him unable to complete the research alone, he needed help.  So when Dr Parsons had started contacting Dr Kaminski about Audra's case he had begged to assist. 

However, Dr Kaminski had long since suspected that Theo's interest in vampirism was not entirely scientific.  He began purposely hiding information from him regarding how the virus worked, and he kept all of the information from Dr Parsons encrypted. 

On the day that Jessica broke into the lab, Theo saw everything.  He had lied when he was later questioned telling the police that he was running errands at the time.

The vampire had been nothing like the one he saved at the hospital, she was brutal and so strong she had thrown Dr Kaminski around like a rag doll as she threatened him and his family.  The Doctor had ran from the room and then she turned to Theo.

"You, destroy this anti virus."  She commanded.

Theo hesitated and in a flash the vampire was at his side, she grabbed him roughly by the throat and raised him up in the air, "Do you want to die?"  She asked.

"No!"  Theo had managed to croak, she loosened her grip and he dropped to the floor.  "I want to be one of you."  He pleaded with her.

Jessica had laughed at his request, "I have no need of you."  She had dismissed him.

"But you do."  Theo had challenged, "I can help you." He promised.

"What help could you possibly give me?"  Jessica sneered.

"I can make you invincible."  He declared, his confidence gaining as he saw that he had her interest.

"Speak quickly, before I tire of you boy."  She demanded.

"How would you like to walk around in the sun?"  Theo asked.

He told Jessica all about the Doctors study into the cure and how he was confident that with access to both Dr Kaminski and Dr Parsons research he would be able to not only enhance her powers but remove all of her weaknesses.  In return she would make him a vampire.

Jessica pondered the puny little humans offer, she had been set on destroying this cure and all those involved in it, after all a cure would soon lead to the destruction of her race and she could not allow that. 

But what if this man spoke the truth, he could be of use.

She agreed that he could keep the research and the anti virus for use in his creation of this day walker serum, although she had no intention of turning him.

She would use him to create the potion and then dispose of him along with the anti virus.

But Jessica had not lived long enough to do either and when Theo had received the call from Audra telling him what happened he felt that all was lost. 

On the day Audra walked into his lab had been working for weeks trying to figure out a way of infecting himself with vampirism without Jessica, but all his attempts had failed, he simply could not get the virus to attach itself fully.

As he listened to her plea for help he realised he didn't need to recreate the virus he simply needed another vampire.


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