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CHAPTER 1.8: Indecent Proposal

The day Audra had knocked on the Traytor's door had changed her life.

She had felt a flood of emotions the first time she laid eyes on her father.

He looked so like her, same pale skin and glowing eyes.

He was the reason she was different, he was a vampire!

When she revealed that she was Summers daughter, it didn't take Jonny long to put two and two together.

Although the girl before him was a stranger he felt instinctively that he knew her. 
When Audra met the rest of Jonny's family she felt instantly at ease, the twins were just like her! 

For the first time in her life she belonged and she started to believe that she wasn't so different after all.
She moved into the Traytors home a little after a year of getting to know them, leaving the Kennedy's was difficult, but she wanted to be part Jonny's family.

She had already missed the twins birthdays.
Blake and Bobby were now children and had been attending the public school in town, the one condition of Audra living with the Traytor's was that she attend school too.

She was understandably scared about starting school for the first time, would the kids there make fun of her?

But the confidence she had gained from being around her own kind had given her the courage to try.
Sitting on the school bus for the first time she felt overwhelmed, she had never been around so many other kids.  Some had stared at her, others had ignored her.

Before Audra knew it the morning classes were over and she made her way out to the quad to eat her lunch.

So far school had gone well, she had been able to keep up with all her classes thanks to the excellent tutorial of Dr Kennedy.

She looked around for a space at a table to sit and eat but all the tables were full and no one would meet her desperate gaze, until she spotted a girl all alone at the back of the quad.

As she made her way over the girl smiled and gestured for Audra to sit down, she introduced herself as Kylee.

Kylee was a transfer student who had just moved to Bridgeport, she was glad to have finally found a friendly face.
Unfortunately not all the students of Bridgeport High were so friendly.

It seems that someone had spread around the school that Audra couldn't control her vampirism and liked to bite people, soon the other kids were crossing the hall to avoid her.
And those that didn't avoid her made fun of her, one girl in particular named Cassandra was especially nasty.

But Audra didn't hate school, not at all.  She enjoyed her classes and having Kylee as a best friend made things easier.

And there was another reason she loved going to school, Patrick Sawyer.

Audra wished she could pluck up the courage to talk to him but she had never talked to a boy before, she didn't want to make a fool of herself, so she settled for watching him from afar.

Things back at home were about to get a little more crowded as Leila was pregnant again!
And soon she gave birth to another set of twin boys.  First came Caleb who loved the outdoors and was brave.
Next up Casper who like his twin loved the outdoors and was athletic.

Things were so cramped in the house that Jonny had to spend what little cash they had on an extension.
The boys complained as all four of them had to share a room while Audra got her own.  But the addition of a toy box soon halted the complaints.

That weekend the whole family were invited to Taylor's wedding and Audra was especially excited when she found that Patrick was a close relation of Morris, Taylor's fiance, and would be attending.

She figured this would be her chance to finally speak to him.
But when she got there she saw Patrick was with Cassandra, the meanest girl in school.

She tried to shrug it off and enjoy herself but Cassandra couldn't resist loudly making fun of Audra's clothes.
Audra saw Patrick joining in with the laughter and so decided to avoid him and just enjoy her first wedding experience.

The day went by so quickly and it seemed that the service was over in no time at all. 

After two helpings of cake and hours of dancing with Blake and Bobby Audra wandered through the gardens of Taylor's house.
"I thought i was the only one who hated parties." a voice spoke out to her.

As she turned around she was surprised to find Patrick all alone.

"Actually i love parties" she replied nonchalantly "I just don't like being made fun of by you and your girlfriend."

"Cassandra isn't my girlfriend" Patrick replied "I just let her tag along.  Besides she's only mean to you because she's jealous."

"Jealous?  Of me?" Audra asked, shaking her head in disbelief "Why on earth would the most popular girl in school be jealous of me?" she demanded.

"Isn't it obvious" He answered matter-of-factly, "You're far prettier that she is."

Pretty! Audra knew this must be some kind of joke, whenever she looked in the mirror all she saw was her cold dead skin and lifeless eyes, she reasoned that Cassandra must be behind this stunt.

"I get it, you wanted in on the action too did you?" She yelled "Pick on the freak is that it!  Well i may be a freak but I'd rather be that than a bully."

She didn't stop to gauge his reaction instead she ran from the party all the way home.
The day after the party Leila could see that Audra was upset so she took her out for a little girl time and treat her to a new outfit.

Leila felt bad for Audra, it must be difficult for her to have adjusted to a new life with them and to leave her mother behind.

"Audra i know i can never replace your mother" Leila stated, "But i very much hope that we can be friends."

"I'd like that." Replied Audra.

She was right Leila could not replace her mother but since the day she had revealed her fathers identity Summer had refused to see Audra, she had remained under the treatment of Dr Kennedy and now resided in the Bridgeport Institute.
A few days later, Audra had agreed to watch the little twins when she got an unexpected visitor.

"You're not going to slam the door in my face are you?" Patrick asked with a cheeky grin on his handsome face.

"That all depends on if you're here to insult me again." Audra replied.

"Ha, insult you?" He laughed "I wasn't aware telling a girl she's pretty was an insult."

Audra decided to give Patrick a chance, he seemed genuinely dumbfounded by her reaction the night of the party.

As they sat together Audra watched the twins play with their toys and Patrick watched Audra, in fact he couldn't keep his eyes off her.

"Why are you staring at me?"  She asked

"Because there's something i really want to do but I'm not sure if you'll like it." He answered cryptically.

Audra looked at him quizzically.

As Patrick lent over his lips brushed hers so softly and Audra felt a strange feeling in her stomach, like butterflies.

"Why did you think i wouldn't like that?" Audra asked him.

"Well i just assumed that since you hate to be complimented that you'd hate to be kissed." He smiled.

Audra laughed and kissed him again.
Before long it was birthday time in the Traytor house, Blake aged up first developing the slob and frugal traits.
He was closely followed by Bobby who grew up to develop the couch potato and savvy sculptor traits.

But it was Leila's birthday which hailed the biggest celebration as Jonny took the whole family out to dinner.

Leila was the only one not celebrating, her birthday meant she was now a fully fledged adult while her husband remained an eternal youth. 

It hadn't been easy for her living in a house full of vampires, she constantly felt the outsider in her own family and although she had tried to broach the subject with Jonny he had always flat out refused to change her.

As she surveyed her reflection she could see the tell tale signs of her age written all over her face, she worried that Jonny would no longer want her when she was an old woman.

But that night Jonny held her so tightly and told her how beautiful she would always be to him.

Things were going well for Audra and Patrick too, as he asked her to go steady and she happily agreed, however Cassandra was not happy.

She had been livid when she had found out that they were dating, she had been trying to get Patrick to ask her out for ages and now this new girl had stepped on her toes.

When Cassandra ran into Audra with Patrick at the beach she was even further angered to see that the freak had the nerve to wear the same bathing suit as her!

"Urgh! I didn't think they let your kind shop at the boutique." She spat at Audra.

Audra had, had just about all she could take of Cassandra and her mean comments.  She decided to stick up for herself.

"Y-you take that back" She stammered nervously.

"Ha! What are you gonna do about it freak?" Cassandra challenged.

Audra felt a wave of anger wash over her and before she knew it..........
She lunged at Cassandra knocking her over.

The two girls scrambled on the floor scratching and pulling at each other as a crowd began to gather, suddenly Audra was aware of two strong arms locked around her waist pulling her off Cassandra.

Patrick had pulled her away and as Cassandra got up Audra could see how much she had hurt the other girl.

"You're crazy!" Cassandra shouted before she limped away.

Audra turned to Patrick hoping for comfort but his face registered only disgust at what he had witnessed.

"Patrick you heard what she called me." Audra pleaded suddenly afraid of the way he looked at her.

"That doesn't give you the right to attack her like that Audra." He admonished "Maybe Cassandra was right about you."

"What do you mean?" Audra asked.

"She told me at the party that the reason you weren't in school 'til now was because you couldn't control yourself, that you couldn't control what you are." He accused her.

"And you believe that?" Audra asked.

"I didn't." He shrugged "I don't think i can see you anymore Audra." 

Audra could find no words to respond to Patrick, all she could do was watch as he ran away.

Audra retreated into herself after the fight, all the kids at school were afraid of her apart from Kylee, so she just kept to herself.

Jonny could see something was wrong but whenever he would ask what it was Audra would just reply "Nothing." and stare shyly at the floor.

Jonny gave up, he couldn't get her to talk to him and he had far more worrying problems to deal with, namely the household bills.

They were piling up and he could not see how he was going to pay them.  Jonny and the Traytors was no more since neither Leila nor Taylor could find the time in between raising their families to gig.  Jonny had resorted back to busking in the subways but this was hardly lucrative.
One day he received a call from a club owner in town who was looking for a regular performer to play three nights a week.  She requested that Jonny go to her apartment to perform for her.

The building sure was swanky, Jonny reckoned she must be doing good business to afford to live here which meant he would be on a big earner if he got the gig.

Jessica Talon greeted Jonny and invited him up to her apartment.  Jonny could sense that she was a much older vampire than he was, much more powerful.

Jessica showed him into her penthouse, which was filled with expensive furniture and artifacts.  He could spot a number of impressive paintings and sculptures but no drum set, how was he supposed to audition?

As if reading his mind Jessica purred "Follow me."

She led him upstairs to her bedroom.

Jessica reclined on the bed and patted the space next to her.

Jonny did a double take, "I think there's been some mistake." He started "I was supposed to audition for a gig in your club."

"There is no mistake Jonny." Jessica replied, "I have been watching you and you're little coven for sometime now.  I must say i am impressed at how easily you have added to our numbers."

"Listen lady i don't know what your game is but you stay away from me and my family." He said angrily.

How dare she bring his kids up as though they were some kind of army he was breeding.
"Calm down Jonny" Jessica said calmly, she rose from the bed and approached him.
"I mean no disrespect to your children, they are fine creatures.  I mean only to forge an alliance between us."

Jonny regarded her warily as she moved from the bed to his side in the blink of an eye.

"You have made a commendable start with that human wife of yours, but just think what you and i could achieve together.  We could make a pure breed of vampire and together we could rule this town."

Jessica had a maniacal glint in her eye and Jonny was fearful of her greater power, but he knew he had to put a stop to this fantasy.

"Jessica, i love my wife very much and there is no one on this planet who i would want to be with more."  He stated looking her firmly in the eye. 

Jonny turned on his heel and walked from the room, he heard Jessica's voice echo in his mind.

"You will be back." She called.



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Whoa! I'm very interested to see what pans out with Jessica's character. She reminds me of Akasha from Queen of the Damned. Man, I hope he takes her offer lol

Anonymous said...

@ anon ~ Hey glad you're still reading! Jessica's character will be sticking around for a few more chapters yet :)