Tuesday, 15 February 2011

CHAPTER 2.1: New beginnings

It had been months since Jonny had sat the family down to tell them his decision that Audra should take over the running of the house.  

The boys had begged him not to leave to search for the vampire who had killed their mother, but Audra had kept silent.

She knew his mind was made up.

Her first major family decision was to fix up the house properly.

Blake and Bobby had their own double rooms, with Casper and Caleb sharing.

But Bobby was not happy with the redecoration,  "You got rid of everything that my mother did to this house!  How am i supposed to remember her when you're trying to forget she ever existed?" He yelled bitterly.

It was hard on the elder boys, their father had left just weeks before their birthday.

Blake had developed the commitment issues trait and had decided to look for work as a handyman.

Bobby developed the natural cook trait and decided he would start work in the kitchens of Bridgeport's fanciest bistro El Carne.

In the months since their father had left Audra had been studying hard for her final Med school exams.

Her dedication had paid off and she had passed with honours, she was hired immediately as a resident in the ER of Bridgeport's hospital.

With a steady wage coming in Audra found that she no longer had to dip into the savings that her father had left her and with both Blake and Bobby contributing to the household bills money did not seem an issue anymore.

The hardest part of her new role was dealing with the boys and helping them to cope with the loss of both parents within such a small space of time.

Casper was the most angry at his father for leaving them, he had begged Jonny to take him along on the hunt for Jessica but Jonny had refused telling him that it was too dangerous.

Casper could take out most of his frustration on the football field but when he needed space from his family he would find a quiet spot down at the falls and fish all day.

That day though his peace and quiet was interrupted by the sound of laughter.  He threw down his rod and followed the sound.

It was her, the girl who had been rude to him at the football field, she was engrossed in a book and laughing her head off.

"Something funny?" He called.

She clearly had not heard him approach and jumped two feet in the air, dropping her book in the process.

"What are you stalking me now?" She yelled as she stomped over to where he stood.

"Me? Stalking you?" He laughed, "First you're out at the pitch now you're here, you're the stalker!"

"Oh Purlease!" She sighed, rolling her eyes "I could care less about you, and for the record you're the one spoiling my peace and quiet"

Casper stared a the girl, her cheeks were burning pink, man she was real angry!  It was kind of cute.

Being an inappropriate Sim Casper often did things that others found weird, to say the least.

He tried to kiss the girl, but she pushed him away yelling"What are you doing?"

But Casper didn't give up that easy!

"Do you ever just shut up?" He asked as he got closer to her.

This time she didn't resist, she kissed him back so passionately Casper nearly fell over!

"This is crazy, i don't even know your name." He said.

"It's Elena, Elena Goode."

"Its' nice to meet you Elena Goode, is there any chance you could stop yelling at me?"  Casper replied.

Elena had laughed, and Casper noticed that her whole face lit up as she did, he thought she was so beautiful.

Soon it was time for Audra's first day at the hospital.

When she arrived in the ER an emergency was underway.  A bus load of tourists had just rolled in all suffering with severe food poisoning. 

Audra had never seen so much vomit!

She rolled up her sleeves to help out, but she didn't know where anything was. 

She was looking around for bedpans when, "Hey honey you look lost." A nurse had spotted Audra and directed her to the medical store room.

"Thanks so much." Audra exclaimed, "I would have been looking forever!"

"No problem, the names Micha.  Anything you need let me know." She called as she rushed back to the emergency.

After things had calmed down in the ER Mischa showed Audra the ropes.  There was so much to remember!

Seeing how overwhelmed Audra was Mischa said "Don't worry, i got your back OK?  I'll watch out for you."

"Thanks Mischa, you know I've wanted to be a doctor for a long time now, it's really important to me." 

Audra's eyes started to fill with tears, it had been a long time since anyone had taken any interest in her ambitions.

"Hey come on now, i know your first day in the ER can be overwhelming but you'll make it, trust me i can tell these things." Mischa said soothingly.

"Thank you Mischa, but the truth is as much as i want to help other people, i really want to help myself too."  Audra confessed, "All my life I've wanted to change how i am, and i just thought if i studied medicine hard enough maybe i would figure out a way to change who i am."

"I'm not sure i follow you?" Mischa replied, "Why would you want to change, i wish i had a figure like yours.  Please tell me you don't want plastic surgery!"

Audra laughed "No of course i don't!  I want to find a cure, for my vampirism." she explained.

"Oh, well i guess you should start in the gene research department, maybe Dr Parsons can help."  Mischa said, she gave Audra directions to the lab.
Audra pushed open the door to the research lab and found Dr Parsons at her desk.

"Hello, Dr Parsons?"

"Can i help you?" Dr Parsons asked gesturing for Audra to sit down.

"My name is Audra Traytor and i was born a vampire."  Audra stated.

"I see, and why have you come here?" Dr Parsons asked.

"I heard about the research that you do here and i was hoping you would help me find a cure?"

"There is no known cure for vampirism, as far as I'm aware once you are infected it's permanent."  Dr Parsons answered.

Janella Parsons regarded the young woman before her.  The emotion was clearly registered on her face and her eyes were pleading for help.

"Look i don't have the money in my budget to take on that kind of research right now, i would need test subjects, blood samples and there is no funding for this type of research.  Dr Parsons sympathised.

"I would be the test subject, and we could do it outside work hours."  Audra pleaded, "I will cover any costs, please just help me."

Dr Parsons smiled, "Well i suppose it would be good for my career if i could find a new cure, why not!  We'll begin tomorrow, be here first thing before your shift."

Audra called Tate as soon as she got out of work, she couldn't wait to share her news with him.

"Oh Tate this could finally be what I've wanted for so long!"  she exclaimed, "If i could just be normal everything would be better."

"Audra, I'm happy for you" Tate replied " But just so you know i love you either way, you are perfect to me."

Audra squeezed Tate, but it wasn't out of affection.

Did he just say he loves me?  Audra thought.

She felt a sinking feeling in the pit of her stomach.  After all this time of dating why did he have to bring love into it now?  Audra's fear of commitment ran as deep as her hatred of being of vampire.

After hearing about her parents disastrous relationship and seeing how broken Jonny had been after the death of Leila, Audra had been forever damaged as far as commitment went.

She decided to brush off the L word and lead Tate to the bedroom, the physical side of their relationship she could handle but ask for love?  She would just have to hope that Tate took the hint.



Valpre said...

I forgot she has commitment issues! I sure hope Tate isn't family oriented, because this will just break his heart when he realizes she's not into settling down!

angiebeno said...

Yep she sure does! But Tate has a lot of patience especially when it comes to Audra!